Towns v11
Sunday, 10 March 2013 10:57


We are happy to present you with our latest update, Towns V11!


This patch is the first patch where we are introducing proffesions and the ability to restrict specific townies from performing certain tasks.

Job specification can be done by assigning a citizen at a certain task, or by forming whole groups of dedicated workers.


We have also introduced lighting into the game. Items such as candles or torches, for example, emit constant light in different colors, while projectiles, such as fireballs, emit light when shot. So far it has no impact on the actual gameplay beside the looks, but the options that this feature can bring in the future are very interesting.



We have implemented a system that favour food variety so townies will be happier if they eat different types of foods rather than a specific dish. This system also makes gaining additional citizens easier for the small-medium sized towns.


Another addition is the long awaited fishing. Fishing is a unique job due to the fact it makes the townies doing it happier, but it is also a time consuming job as citizens may often fall asleep while sitting at the shore waiting to catch some fish. Fishing will prove it self a little difficult to sustain for smaller towns, however, it is a rather efficient food source for the larger towns where available townies are at hand.


Last but not least, we have made each weapon have a specific damage type which give different damage bonuses, while also giving certain armours and monsters immunity to some of them. This feature favour mix of weapons variety for your military.


We have also added, changed and fixed many other things which can be found by reading the patch notes, here.


Please, visit our forums andd dont be shy if you have any suggestion or criticism.



Towns 0.46
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 20:43


Towns 0.46 has been released!

We are pleased to announce that the heroes, formerly known as cannon fodder, are now each a powerhouse to be reckon with.

They will level up, they will explore unknown lands and they will turn weretigers into cute pigs.




Adding to the growing list of the heroes is the new elven archer, who's aim is sharper than his ears, and the mage, who master the darkest secrets of the morphing spells.

The highlander, a brave hero from the hills and snowy mountains will turn into a menancing bear ready to punch down any enemy dare to stand against him.

The barbarian, those fierce fighters will taunt nearby enemies and force them to attack him.

The short tempered dwarf will enrage himself into becoming a raging killing machine.

The thief, cunning cultists, will poison their targets and make them die slowly and painfully.

The knights, honorable and ready for battle, will raise their ally attack and damage stats.

Sips, the campmaker, will invite over his most loyal minion, Sadon, to aid him in the battle.

Sir Punchwood, the noble, will grant a defense aura to all those accompany him.


We hope you will enjoy seeing heroes die or prevail the horror that awaits them beneath your towns.


You can see the complete 0.46 changelog here.


Towns v10
Monday, 11 February 2013 21:22



Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the release of Towns v10!


This build brings forth changes to how fluids behave, as well as the ability to manipulate them by blocking them with walls and flood gates as well as elevating them with the new fluid elevator item.


We have also introduced a new map, "Mountains", new crops, the bamboo and the sugar cane which require water in their surrounding in order to grow, new hats and a few new wall blocks.



In addition, we have improved memory handling, improved the way of dropping of created items to avoid large paths and a few other fixes.


Towns v10 is savegame compatible, however, some elements may not benefit from the new changes (IE. Bamboos and sugar canes are only spawned in v10 maps. If you load a v9 game, you will have to wait for a seeds merchant in order to obtain it).


To read the patch notes, please, click here.


Thank you very much for your support and patience and as always, you are welcome to post any critisicm, feedback and even death threats, as long as those directed at the townies and not us.



Towns 0.45
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 23:19


They will slay monsters!

They will explore the dungeons!

They will charm your ladies!

They will steal your stuff!

Ladies, gentlemen, and those between, brace yourselves: Heroes are coming!


This next patch brings a slew of many new things, as well as addressing some old concerns.

We have reworked the guards to now have several roles instead of just the suicidal one. They will supervise work, patrol areas and rush to help other townies in danger.

The known hunger-lock phenomena has been reworked, no longer will hungry townies protest in anger. Now they will work slower and get depressed. A fair trade we might add.

We have added new content, decorations, different roofs, froggies camps in the jungle, windows, gates, colors, dressings and hats… yes... hats!

In the recreation area we have added the arena, where badgers can fight and shed blood to the joy and cheers of the viewers.

Oh yes, we also added the heroes.

Right now, they fulfill maybe 5-10% of their potential. They explore the dungeon, which now has a fog of war and is not instantly revealed, they  fight monsters, they may, depends on their moral, steal your stuff. But whatever you do, don’t lock them up. They will be driven insane and rampage through your town.

The heroes seeing light in this version are the dwarves, who prefer to sleep underground, the rogues, who prefer to steal your stuff than mess with dangerous monsters, the barbarians, who doesn’t care where they sleep, as long as they are getting their fresh stream of food, the highlanders, a danger junkies heroes who rather spend time at the dungeons than socialize in the tavern, the knights, an honourable fighters, and two special kind of heroes: Sips, the camp maker, who shoots fireballs, and Sir Punchwood the noble, who will help any damsel in distress.

In addition, we have reworked a lot of the underline code and mechanics, which should improve performance.

We do hope you will enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it!



Towns v9
Saturday, 26 January 2013 21:37



And here it is, Towns v9 has been released!


As you may know if you read the previous announcement, this build is focused mainly in the performance. It also fixes some v8a issues.



You can check the complete changelog here.

Also, a reminder. This patch is not save game compatible so you wont be able to launch your old maps after updating.

Enjoy the build!




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