Christmas theme
Monday, 19 December 2011 23:06

Ho ho holy crap this is going to be fun!

Good tidings to all!


We here at SMP have the pleasure to announce a little christmas update! Keeping with the Yuletide spirit we have decided to make a few “aesthetic” changes to our lovely little town!





Keep a look out for all the little goodies and easter... erm... christmas eggs you might find!

Rest assured we are hard at work on patch 0.40 and the hero system! Don’t fret, this is just a little something to tide you over until it arrives!

Kindest regards and best wishes from the entire team, have a great holiday season!

-SMP Team




Towns 0.50 has been released
Thursday, 09 August 2012 15:57


"Architecture in general is like a frozen music."
Friedrich Schelling


We are pleased to announce the release of Towns 0.50 !

This version carries with itself a dramatic change in the underline engine. one we wanted to do ages ago, but only now decided to strike at it.

In this new version, players has the freedom to create multiple level buildings, from small houses to huge sprawling castles.



This brings a few other changes as well including a slight rebalance of the sleep/food timings to allow more freedom to build but without neglecting balance, new graphics for some units and an autosave feature.


Check the changelog in our official forums here.




Towns 0.47
Friday, 25 May 2012 23:08



We are pleased to release towns 0.47!


Among the new things found in this build are the traps, who come at verious shapes and sizes, carying different effects. some, like the bear trap will stun enemies, others, like the poisionous gas trap will slowly kill them.

This build also comes with a variety of bug fixes, improvements to the code and the heroes exploration routines which makes them much more efficient at exploring and now packing additional skills for those of them that live up to the higher levels.



Gold and silver can now be crafted into powerful weapons and armours capable of whitstanding the horrors that await in the deeper levels.

There are also few other new things that would surprise those who venture into the deep...

Those with ATI graphic cards should now be able to have a much more stable experience as we fixed few bugs related to those cards.

We hope you will have a good time testing our new build and as always, feel free to post feedback and suggestions here or at our forums.


You can see the complete 0.47 changelog here.



Towns 0.38 released
Friday, 16 December 2011 10:52


Hello everyone, we are pleased to announce Towns 0.38!


This version will serve as a transition between the current 0.37 patch and the hero system we have been working on.


There are quite a few things to look forward to in 0.38, among them being the new APS (automated production system).

This system will solve all food-related problems and automate the system. You will be able to set the minimum and current amounts  of any type of food now! Hopefully this will eliminate any hunger spirals of doom!



There is a whole slew of new content as well, from bone-related materials to more than double the weapons! We have been hard at work and hope you enjoy this patch!


Kind Regards

-SMP Team




Fan-made videos
Monday, 05 December 2011 13:43

We are really happy to see that our fans are making gameplay videos!

We would like to add them to our Fan-made videos list, as well as our videos list on Desura. Anyone who makes a video or wants to upload a screenshot can contact us here or using the forums. We always like seeing what other people make!

random images by snipercharlie

Kind regards

SMP Team



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