Towns v7
Monday, 15 October 2012 19:20



We are pleased to announce the release of Towns v7


This build serves as a hotfix for certain bugs that were detected during v6. You can see the upload status and the patch notes here.




Regarding the new version numbers, from now on we will name the patches vX for every patch, no matter how small or big, this does not mean that v10 will be the last version.




Towns 0.40 !
Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:33


Towns has just reached 0.40!

It's update time everyone, and this time it's a doozy!

Over the past month we have been pounding our heads against the keyboard in a desperate attempt to implement loads of new features that you would come to love. Since that didn't work, we decided to actually code it in ourselves...


As you can see, there are a lot of new changes, in particular is the directional facing and the height we threw in for good measure. We hope you enjoy it!


Other features are content (of which there is loads), an entire intermediate cooking zone, new animals, items, weapons, and bug fixes that will help the auto production system work smoother than ever before.


Now I must continue this post with a bit of a sour note, I know we said that 0.40 would be the Hero update, but with Alex stepping down from scripting duty and going into PR full time, we had to find a new member to cover his position. Thankfully, Sphaz stepped up to bat and is doing a bang-up job. We are sure that with him scripting we will get much more accomplished in the following weeks! We will not be giving an exact date on the Hero system, as we want it to be perfect, but expect it sooner than later!


Here is a showcase video of this build:


We all hope you enjoy Towns, and remember, you can speak your mind freely on our forums.


Kind regards

SMP Team


Towns 0.39 released
Thursday, 05 January 2012 11:44


First off, we at SMP wanted to wish you all a happy new year! We hope that this time spent with your families was a pleasant one.

We have been hard at work all of december on the latest patch, one that I am sure you will agree has much more meat than previous patches.

The new Auto-Equip system and Container system are in place, two of the most asked for features since we started on the project!

There is also a biomes system and different map types, that should tide many of you restless souls over.



Also, there is content, it ranges from decorative to building, have fun with it all!

You can see the 0.39 showcase videos on our official video page.

All in all we feel that this is a very solid release, one that should tide you over until 0.40!


SMP Team


Towns v6 has been released
Friday, 12 October 2012 15:48



We are pleased to announce the release of Towns v6


This version focus primarily on the sieges.


From now on, sieges will take into acount several factors such as population count, town value (determined by the base value of all the items), hero levels and days that have passed by. This means that as you progress ahead, not only population size wise, the sieges will turn harder and harder, so now it is a lot more encouraged to grow your population if you want to survive.


Soldiers now affect the likelyhood of sieges such as that if your town has a large portion of your citizens as soldiers, invasions will be less likely to come.


Aside from the usual we come in peace and you go in pieces sieges, there will be another type of siege in which monsters raid your town in order to either loot it from precious items or food, or to attack your livestock.


Sieges are now structured in such way that there will be more than one type of monster per siege and you will usually see several low level monsters led by a stronger higher level one.



We have also added an option to determine the siege difficulties in the main menu and now have 5 options, off, easy, normal, hard and insane.


As always, we appreciate any feedback, good or bad, regarding the game and its mechanics.


The upload status and the patch notes for this build can be seen here.




Towns 0.60 !
Friday, 28 September 2012 14:08



We are so very pleased to announce the release of our new build, Towns 0.60!


In this build we are introducing the caravans and the trading.

Caravans which come in various shapes in sizes, will also carry different items for trade based on their theme. No longer shall townies starve for some cow meat while standing in the heat of a sunny desert!


We have also started overhauling the interface, introducing new panels such as the citizen panel, the stock panel, the soldiers panel and the heroes panel.



Soldiers can now sleep in the barracks, on dorm beds stacked over each other or the old personal beds, if you feel your soldiers should have some quality of life beside guarding a dungeon entrance all day long.

We have also added the option to form and name groups that will better organize your task force and allow for some easier hero assistance.



Another feature we have added is items that give effects. Those items will grant their equipper each a special effect who can prove very usefull in the heat of the battle, for example, the Plague Bringer, which can spread a plague among the enemies, or the Mask of the beast which grant the equipper with the ability to transform into the highlader's beast for a short while, temporarily gaining increased health and damage, however, after the effect is over, the townie will get exausted and travel and fight at low speed.

For the modders between us we have added the ability to decide on what levels to spawn citizens, and what is the starting number of the townies, this can lead to a mod about an underground race.

A feature that many of you might appreciate is the option to turn off sieges.

Other than those we have rebalanced the enemies, added a lot of new blocks, items and graphics (such as, each ladder now have every direction graphic to it, determined by its relation to a wall or a terrain block).

We very much hope you will enjoy this patch as much as we enjoyed developing it!


PS: In case you havent heard, we just got accepted into Steam by being in the top 10 in the greenlight platform, all thanks to our great community and amazing fans support that we were able to achieve that. So lets hear a mass YAY for us and you guys! YAY!


The upload status and the patch notes for this build can be seen here.





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