Towns v9
Saturday, 26 January 2013 21:37



And here it is, Towns v9 has been released!


As you may know if you read the previous announcement, this build is focused mainly in the performance. It also fixes some v8a issues.



You can check the complete changelog here.

Also, a reminder. This patch is not save game compatible so you wont be able to launch your old maps after updating.

Enjoy the build!



Towns v9 news
Thursday, 24 January 2013 11:12

Hello everybody!


Towns v9 is almost ready! We are on the testing phase and we hope that it won't take more than a week to get released.

This build won't be as big as other ones content wise, but we think that it deserves the release mostly because the new savegame feature and the performance improvement on bigger towns.


Let us explain the major features.

- Savegames

- From now on all the new builds will be savegame compatible with v9.

- Now you can manage multiple saves per map.

- WARNING: Towns v9 BREAKS the compatibility with older savegames. You won't be able to load v8a games on v9.


- Performance

- Big improvement on the performance, now the lag peaks will be unnoticeable on bigger towns.

- Improvement in the memory management of the game.


- Keybindings

- Now you will be able to configure the shortcuts.

- Added shortcuts to the bottom menu.


- Gameplay

- Farm animals now need food to stay alive.

- Military items now have a small chance to have prefix/suffix when manufactured by townies.

- Flour is now managed from the production panel.


- Graphics

- New isometric graphics for the froggies and yetis.

- New graphic for the new mill item.


Towns v9 also fix some v8a bugs, you can see the complete log here:


Thank you for your patience and support.


Kind regards

- SMP team

Towns v7
Monday, 15 October 2012 19:20



We are pleased to announce the release of Towns v7


This build serves as a hotfix for certain bugs that were detected during v6. You can see the upload status and the patch notes here.




Regarding the new version numbers, from now on we will name the patches vX for every patch, no matter how small or big, this does not mean that v10 will be the last version.




Towns v8
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 09:52



We are pleased to announce the release of Towns v8


You will notice that Towns v8 has just a few features compared to older releases. That's because this release is mostly focused on the Steam integration.

The main feature of this build is the inclusion of a new modding file to script sounds to actions, this way we can easily include different sounds when townies do their tasks.




The build also includes some fixes and changes. You can check the upload status and the changelog here.


Enjoy it!




Towns v6 has been released
Friday, 12 October 2012 15:48



We are pleased to announce the release of Towns v6


This version focus primarily on the sieges.


From now on, sieges will take into acount several factors such as population count, town value (determined by the base value of all the items), hero levels and days that have passed by. This means that as you progress ahead, not only population size wise, the sieges will turn harder and harder, so now it is a lot more encouraged to grow your population if you want to survive.


Soldiers now affect the likelyhood of sieges such as that if your town has a large portion of your citizens as soldiers, invasions will be less likely to come.


Aside from the usual we come in peace and you go in pieces sieges, there will be another type of siege in which monsters raid your town in order to either loot it from precious items or food, or to attack your livestock.


Sieges are now structured in such way that there will be more than one type of monster per siege and you will usually see several low level monsters led by a stronger higher level one.



We have also added an option to determine the siege difficulties in the main menu and now have 5 options, off, easy, normal, hard and insane.


As always, we appreciate any feedback, good or bad, regarding the game and its mechanics.


The upload status and the patch notes for this build can be seen here.





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