Fan-made videos
Monday, 05 December 2011 13:43

We are really happy to see that our fans are making gameplay videos!

We would like to add them to our Fan-made videos list, as well as our videos list on Desura. Anyone who makes a video or wants to upload a screenshot can contact us here or using the forums. We always like seeing what other people make!

random images by snipercharlie

Kind regards

SMP Team


Towns 0.37 released
Friday, 02 December 2011 03:16


We have been working non-stop for the past month to get this far, and we can finally say the game is officially 0.37.

This marks the largest changes so far, and there are quite a few new surprises waiting for you in the depths.

We won’t go into great detail, let’s just let the images speak for themselves shall we?





There is a second announcement which is just as important.

We are on Desura! We have been waiting to spring this on you all until today, so a double celebration is in order.

You can now find us on Desura’s catalogue, and purchase a copy of our game through them. Also, you can play the demo version from there.



Desura Digital Distribution


As always you can check the changelog in our forums.

Feel free to download our 20 in-game days demo for free.

If you like where we are taking the game, pre-order it, if not, let us know what we can do to make it a better experience for you!




Towns 0.36 released
Thursday, 17 November 2011 16:50


Towns 0.36 has been released!

This version acts as an hotfix for the latest build, hence no new features has been added.

You can check the changelog in out forums.

Feel free to download it for free. If you like where we are taking the game, pre-order it, if not, let us know what we can do to make it a better experience for you!




Upcoming changes
Sunday, 27 November 2011 19:36

Hello everyone!


With 0.37 right around the corner, and our upload to Desura imminent, we wanted to go over the upcoming changes in detail. We will be uploading a video on these changes later on tonight, and Ben will be shedding light on them in a brief manner in the following blurb, we hope you like the brief look into 0.37, and see what is in store for 0.40!


Let us go into brief detail and explain what changes will be coming up in 0.37. The most important change is the GUI, now you can have quick access to all of the shortcuts without having to fiddle with ugly text. Everything has it’s own button and tooltip in order to make the most out of this easy to use system. Feel free to check out our video for a quick look into the new GUI and upcoming changes.


We are also expanding the roster of enemies by a considerable amount, we are still debating on whether or not to include them in 0.37, we guess you will just have to find out ;). Variety is the spice of life, and we are trying to give as varied an amount of baddies as possible! After much deliberation, we at SMP came to terms with the promise we have on our main pre-order page, the one in which we talk about petting a puppy after each purchase. We decided to go one better and adopted our team’s mascot, Napoleon. Rest assured that each of your purchases will go to a hearty pat on his head, and we are showing him tricks. Prior to each release we will release a video of one of his new tricks, that will mark the arrival of the latest build. Some horses bring the apocalyps, this dog brings a new build, go figure!


Last, but certainly not least, the custom buildings. Now you guys have seen the first custom building, the carpentry, in the previous build. Prior to 0.36, buildings simply materialized in 4x4 squares into existence (command and conquer style). Now, you have to build the walls, select the zone type (carpentry, forge, kitchen, etc), and only then can you build the potential workshop station that is used there. What does this accomplish? Well... depth! We want to give the players a deep and engaging experience, one that simply was not coming through witht he old building system. Before, a civilian would go to the forge, dissapear for a few seconds, and come out with his brand new helmet. This caused some problems, as building times were reduced, and it seemed very shallow. The way it works now is that the civilian will gather the required resources at the workshop table, then use any other workshop tables required, and finally he will make the itme. To put it into context here is an example. The apple pie would previously be selected, and the civilian would take an apple to the bakery building, come out 2 seconds later with a pie in his hands, and then place it. Now, in order to make the same apple pie one has to take the flour and apple to the baker’s table, make the pie in 10 seconds, take it to the oven, wait for 15 seconds, and then place it in the stockpile. Not only does this keep people from spamming the work line, it gives an introspective look at how the buildings work from the inside. Besides, decorating your massive workshops can be pretty neat! We have plans to include a plethora of decorative items in future releases! We hope you enjoy our game, thank you all so much for sticking with us.


As always, feel free to stop by our forums and say hi!


Kind regards


Baby step tutorial
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 22:55

(Note: This tutorial was made with an old version of Towns)

(An user of our forums translated this tutorial in german. Click here to view it).

Towns is a complex game. A complex game, that right now lacking a proper in-game instructions or a tutorial, but this will be quickly fixed. While its mechanics are not hard to grasp once you figure out the basics, they can be very confusing and daunting for newcomers. This is why we have made this step by step tutorial that will take you from the initial stage of the game and up until your first personal room dug underground.

1) Clearing

The very first thing we will do is chop a clearing in the forest. we do this to get the early precious wood and to clear out enough space for our future workshops and houses. Click the "Orders" button at the right side menu and click "Chop"


2) Walling
Now that we have enough wood and space, we continue by building our very own first workshop, the carepntry. In order to have a proper working workshop we will need to have a room and a designated zone for it. Click "Items & Place", then choose "Walls", now choose "Log Walls". Log walls are walls that doesn't require any form of processing in a workshop, so we can build them right away. Due note, those walls will decay after about a day or two. Now that we chose the log walls, designate an area consisting of 4 walls and an entrance.

3) Workshopping

So, we got the walls, now we need to designate that room as a carpentry. To do so we click "Zones", then choose "carpentry". Designate the area enclosed in the walls until you see the white marking noting that this designation is suitable. Note that zones require atleast 2x3 cells space enclosed in walls to be designated. As saying in the screenshot below, you can hit Ctrl at any time to make the walls transparent, thus allowing you to see whats inside of them.


Now that we have the zone designated, we need to create the carpenter bench so that the citizens could work with to create wooden items. Click "Items and Place", then click "Utils", now choose the Carpenter Bench. Note that items has their required materials listed on the pop up little text message.

4) Digging it
Now that we have the carpentry fully operational, we can start delving deep. Right Click at any cell of the ground and choose the option "Dig". This cell has been dug, however, citizens can not go down yet as they need a ladder.

To create a ladder we click on Items & Place, Utils, then Ladder and place it at the dug hole.

Now that we have the ladder, we can finally reach below. To browse through the levels you can either click the Q/A buttons, scroll with the middle mouse wheel, or choose so from the right menu.

5) Mine my own thing
As you can see, the area below the hole and ladder isnt accessible yet. we need to mine it first. Click Orders, then Mine and designate an aread around the visible cell.

6) Home, sweet home

Now that we have a nice looking cave, it is time to make it a someone's home. Mine an area in the shape of a room and a corridor leading to it.

Choose Zones, then Personal Room and designate the cells enclosed in that little mined out room.


7) Night time
Now we got someone a room. Right now, you cant decide who's, but whoever it is, he needs a bed!



Click on "Items & Place", then "Furniture", then "Wooden Bed" and place it inside the zone. Just make sure you have enough wood, if you dont, go up one level and order some trees to be chopped.
Follow one of your citizen as he brings wood to the carpentry and makes the bed, then bring it down to the room. Note that a good thing for future town would be to designate stockpiles so the citizens could bring materials to the proximity of the workshops. To do so click "Stockpiles" and choose what type of stockpile you need, designate it just as you designate rooms, only that stockpile do not need walls around them.

We hope you are enjoying your time with towns, for every question or suggestion feel free to come to our homepage and forums and drop us a comment.



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