Towns 0.40 !
Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:33


Towns has just reached 0.40!

It's update time everyone, and this time it's a doozy!

Over the past month we have been pounding our heads against the keyboard in a desperate attempt to implement loads of new features that you would come to love. Since that didn't work, we decided to actually code it in ourselves...


As you can see, there are a lot of new changes, in particular is the directional facing and the height we threw in for good measure. We hope you enjoy it!


Other features are content (of which there is loads), an entire intermediate cooking zone, new animals, items, weapons, and bug fixes that will help the auto production system work smoother than ever before.


Now I must continue this post with a bit of a sour note, I know we said that 0.40 would be the Hero update, but with Alex stepping down from scripting duty and going into PR full time, we had to find a new member to cover his position. Thankfully, Sphaz stepped up to bat and is doing a bang-up job. We are sure that with him scripting we will get much more accomplished in the following weeks! We will not be giving an exact date on the Hero system, as we want it to be perfect, but expect it sooner than later!


Here is a showcase video of this build:


We all hope you enjoy Towns, and remember, you can speak your mind freely on our forums.


Kind regards

SMP Team


Towns 0.39 released
Thursday, 05 January 2012 11:44


First off, we at SMP wanted to wish you all a happy new year! We hope that this time spent with your families was a pleasant one.

We have been hard at work all of december on the latest patch, one that I am sure you will agree has much more meat than previous patches.

The new Auto-Equip system and Container system are in place, two of the most asked for features since we started on the project!

There is also a biomes system and different map types, that should tide many of you restless souls over.



Also, there is content, it ranges from decorative to building, have fun with it all!

You can see the 0.39 showcase videos on our official video page.

All in all we feel that this is a very solid release, one that should tide you over until 0.40!


SMP Team


Towns 0.38 released
Friday, 16 December 2011 10:52


Hello everyone, we are pleased to announce Towns 0.38!


This version will serve as a transition between the current 0.37 patch and the hero system we have been working on.


There are quite a few things to look forward to in 0.38, among them being the new APS (automated production system).

This system will solve all food-related problems and automate the system. You will be able to set the minimum and current amounts  of any type of food now! Hopefully this will eliminate any hunger spirals of doom!



There is a whole slew of new content as well, from bone-related materials to more than double the weapons! We have been hard at work and hope you enjoy this patch!


Kind Regards

-SMP Team




Christmas theme
Monday, 19 December 2011 23:06

Ho ho holy crap this is going to be fun!

Good tidings to all!


We here at SMP have the pleasure to announce a little christmas update! Keeping with the Yuletide spirit we have decided to make a few “aesthetic” changes to our lovely little town!





Keep a look out for all the little goodies and easter... erm... christmas eggs you might find!

Rest assured we are hard at work on patch 0.40 and the hero system! Don’t fret, this is just a little something to tide you over until it arrives!

Kindest regards and best wishes from the entire team, have a great holiday season!

-SMP Team




Total Newbie Guide
Monday, 05 December 2011 13:55

Hello everyone!

We here at SMP have been mulling over how to go about showing all our newcomers how to play our game without having to scour the internet in search of a good wiki article.

We know how daunting the game might be, but rest assured that by the time you finish reading this short articicle you will have the basic knowledge of how to make all structures in the game.

We like to call these guides:
Towns TNG (Total Newbie Guide)

Part 1: Your first building!

Your first time playing eh? Not sure what all those icons do? Well, let’s start with the basics.You are going to want to build a carpentry as soon as possible.

Start off by chopping down some wood by selecting the CHOP icon at the bottom

Your cursor will turn into a selector, click once, drag your mouse, and click a second time to select a large area. PRO-TIP: Shift+click in order to select multiple areas, quite useful for mining later on!

Notice the purple boxes underneath those trees? That means they are highlighted for chopping. This same functionality applies when constructing, harvesting, tilling, or anything else that requires selection!

Your civilians will start chopping the trees down, leaving precious wood behind.

Build a stockpile by clicking on the stockpile button on the bottom, then select raw materials. Highlight an area, click, and see the area become a highlighted stockpile. PRO-TIP: Right click on it to select what types of materials can be placed in the stockpile.

Your building needs walls! Click on the wall icon on the top right of the panel.

Now select "Log wall" from the top. Hold shift down and select an area that contains a minimum of 3x3 squares. PRO-TIP: Log walls decay over time, and are best used as begginer walls to make the carpentry. Once the carpentry is set up you can make the much better wooden walls.

Your little guys will start making the walls, placing them where you designated. Once finished, click on thezones icon from the bottom, go to the left and click on the carpentry zone icon, and click inside the building. Drag out to select the interior of all four walls, you will know you have done it right when the drag selection becomes white.

Now it’s a carpentry, but it has no roof, nor any furniture! Let’s place a carpenter’s workbench by clicking onutils on the right, then on the carpenter's workbench (which can only be placed within the carpentry zone... go figure...) and finally click on where you want it placed.

Now that the bench is placed, you can make a door (which requires the bench and some wood as you can see.) Click on the back button to return to the main right menu, then click on furniture. Click on door, then click on the open space in your building.

And there you have it, your first building! This same methodology applies to every building in the game. Each has it’s own requirements, and you can make some really fantastic buildings with the custom building sizes.




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