Towns 0.46
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 20:43


Towns 0.46 has been released!

We are pleased to announce that the heroes, formerly known as cannon fodder, are now each a powerhouse to be reckon with.

They will level up, they will explore unknown lands and they will turn weretigers into cute pigs.




Adding to the growing list of the heroes is the new elven archer, who's aim is sharper than his ears, and the mage, who master the darkest secrets of the morphing spells.

The highlander, a brave hero from the hills and snowy mountains will turn into a menancing bear ready to punch down any enemy dare to stand against him.

The barbarian, those fierce fighters will taunt nearby enemies and force them to attack him.

The short tempered dwarf will enrage himself into becoming a raging killing machine.

The thief, cunning cultists, will poison their targets and make them die slowly and painfully.

The knights, honorable and ready for battle, will raise their ally attack and damage stats.

Sips, the campmaker, will invite over his most loyal minion, Sadon, to aid him in the battle.

Sir Punchwood, the noble, will grant a defense aura to all those accompany him.


We hope you will enjoy seeing heroes die or prevail the horror that awaits them beneath your towns.


You can see the complete 0.46 changelog here.


Towns 0.45
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 23:19


They will slay monsters!

They will explore the dungeons!

They will charm your ladies!

They will steal your stuff!

Ladies, gentlemen, and those between, brace yourselves: Heroes are coming!


This next patch brings a slew of many new things, as well as addressing some old concerns.

We have reworked the guards to now have several roles instead of just the suicidal one. They will supervise work, patrol areas and rush to help other townies in danger.

The known hunger-lock phenomena has been reworked, no longer will hungry townies protest in anger. Now they will work slower and get depressed. A fair trade we might add.

We have added new content, decorations, different roofs, froggies camps in the jungle, windows, gates, colors, dressings and hats… yes... hats!

In the recreation area we have added the arena, where badgers can fight and shed blood to the joy and cheers of the viewers.

Oh yes, we also added the heroes.

Right now, they fulfill maybe 5-10% of their potential. They explore the dungeon, which now has a fog of war and is not instantly revealed, they  fight monsters, they may, depends on their moral, steal your stuff. But whatever you do, don’t lock them up. They will be driven insane and rampage through your town.

The heroes seeing light in this version are the dwarves, who prefer to sleep underground, the rogues, who prefer to steal your stuff than mess with dangerous monsters, the barbarians, who doesn’t care where they sleep, as long as they are getting their fresh stream of food, the highlanders, a danger junkies heroes who rather spend time at the dungeons than socialize in the tavern, the knights, an honourable fighters, and two special kind of heroes: Sips, the camp maker, who shoots fireballs, and Sir Punchwood the noble, who will help any damsel in distress.

In addition, we have reworked a lot of the underline code and mechanics, which should improve performance.

We do hope you will enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it!



Things to look forward to in next build
Thursday, 01 March 2012 20:51

All right, IndieRoyale is wrapping up and we finally have some time on our hands to touch base with you all and show you all the nifty new featurettes that the latest version of towns will bring!

We won’t go into content-related detail, but we believe that one of the most asked for aesthetic features has been added, one that you were probably not expecting until further along, fully animated walk cycles!
Yes, the citizens will now walk along their merry way!



Gone are the days of cell movement and blinking around the map, citizens now stroll along at a brisk pace, moving from cell to cell in a very elegant manner. Rest assured we will be adding animations to everything in the future, and things have to come at their own pace.

Next up, slopes, as you can see from the screenshots, there are now variable slopes.



We are currently debating on how to have elevated terrain serve a purpose in the game. Who knows, perhaps having your town on a high out-cropping might give you a tactical advantage over a siege in the near future. The task was no small feat!.

TTF fonts, yeah, we spoke about it before IR, but we wanted to mention it again, the new text is so much better than the previous one.

It’s readable, and no longer strains the eyes



These goodies, and many more await our pre-order friends and IndieRoyale supporters in the upcoming patch, slated for release in March!

Kind regards
-SMP team

Towns 0.42 !
Monday, 05 March 2012 21:08



Hello everyone, we are going directly to 0.42 without stopping by 0.41 due to the fact that IndieRoyale gave us a lot of time to continue working. We didn't stop for a single moment and therefore have twice the amount of stuff jammed into a single patch to show for!

Besides everything in the previous 0.41 patch that was previously discussed, you can look forward quite a few new things, such as fully animated walk cycles for all citizens, isometric slopes and altitude (which is actually taken into account when displacing water or lava for example), and new liquid values.

Another cool feature you should be expecting in a hot-fix soon is that citizens will be able to raise and lower terrain features using mud! This will let you guys build all sorts of cool valleys and mountains for you to defend!

Couple all of this, with the content in 0.41, and we have a fantastic little update!

Here is a change-log for both 0.41, as well as 0.42 to look through!

Add: Priorities panel (F3)
Add: Roads (living entities walk faster here)
Add: Animations for living entities
Add: TTF Font
Add: Heightmap a-la Transport Tycoon
Add: Food values on food items tooltip
Add: Save options
Add: Use of user folder for savegames and options
Add: New special values for map generation (_WATER_1_, _WATER_INF_, LAVA_1_, LAVA_INF_)
Remove: Barracks (now everybody can be a soldier!)
Remove: Transition tiles
Change: Speed of living entities reduced
Change: Stockpile points are removed if you place a zone over it
Change: Turns to build thing on benches changed to 70% if a roof is present
Change: Turns to build thing on benches changed to 85% if the builder is underground
Change: Warning "Sure to exit without save?" panel
Change: Water system uses slopes now
Change: Faster seeds at map generation (so the game starts early)
Fix: Enemies won't try to break opened doors
Fix: Crash when build a building only with doors
Fix: Prefix/suffix percentages are set to 5% again
Fix: Little improvement in the minimap render routine
Fix: Improved a little the save/load game performance
Fix: Item issues when delete the zone under it
Fix: Lag if no mats when build a building
Fix: Draw the roofs/big items (ie. trees) when his base is outside the screen
Fix: Citizens recalculate their path if while they are following it other citizens blocks the path with walls
Fix: Minor graphic glitches

As for content, hit-points, defense, and attack have been revamped, as well as armor making you slower.
Farms for each of the new animals that have been introduced, as well as new and improved food types.
There are a few new animals as well, and the inclusion of roads (that actually serve a purpose). Only wheat farms require tilled soil, and stockpiles no longer look like green goo!
There are, of course, all sorts of other little things but we want you guys to find the goodies out on your own!

Happy gaming!



Towns 0.41 preview
Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:33

Hello everyone, it's news time once again!


This time we are here with a 0.41 preview.


First off I think we should talk a bit about the new priorities panel. What will it do? Well, basically it will state each type of queue, ranging from hauling to cooking.

You will be able to designate the priority of each different order type, and give preference to them, so if you were to need more food, for example, you would put food at the top of the list, harvesting second, and everything else underneath. It will definitely give you a more streamlined gameplay experience as giving you a bit more indirect control lend's itself to a host of new possibilities!




Next up are the new roads. Why are there roads in the game? Because now everyone has slowed down!

We have taken a decision to make the game flow a bit slower in preparation for animations and all sorts of other goodies! Roads will speed people along their way and there might even be special equipment that can help your little guys zip around faster!




Besides a chunk of content, there are now penalties for not building roofs over your workshops.

In order to not dupe the game, building times will be slowed down as there is no roof. Underground building is possible, but will still be slower than building with a roof over your head (I guess it's due to working in the dark... or something...)


We are currently hosting a trailer making contest on our forums, remember to hurry, as it will only be available over the next week! The best trailer will get a hero made after it's creator!


Kind Regards

-SMP Team


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