Towns 0.47
Friday, 25 May 2012 23:08



We are pleased to release towns 0.47!


Among the new things found in this build are the traps, who come at verious shapes and sizes, carying different effects. some, like the bear trap will stun enemies, others, like the poisionous gas trap will slowly kill them.

This build also comes with a variety of bug fixes, improvements to the code and the heroes exploration routines which makes them much more efficient at exploring and now packing additional skills for those of them that live up to the higher levels.



Gold and silver can now be crafted into powerful weapons and armours capable of whitstanding the horrors that await in the deeper levels.

There are also few other new things that would surprise those who venture into the deep...

Those with ATI graphic cards should now be able to have a much more stable experience as we fixed few bugs related to those cards.

We hope you will have a good time testing our new build and as always, feel free to post feedback and suggestions here or at our forums.


You can see the complete 0.47 changelog here.