Towns 0.46
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 20:43


Towns 0.46 has been released!

We are pleased to announce that the heroes, formerly known as cannon fodder, are now each a powerhouse to be reckon with.

They will level up, they will explore unknown lands and they will turn weretigers into cute pigs.




Adding to the growing list of the heroes is the new elven archer, who's aim is sharper than his ears, and the mage, who master the darkest secrets of the morphing spells.

The highlander, a brave hero from the hills and snowy mountains will turn into a menancing bear ready to punch down any enemy dare to stand against him.

The barbarian, those fierce fighters will taunt nearby enemies and force them to attack him.

The short tempered dwarf will enrage himself into becoming a raging killing machine.

The thief, cunning cultists, will poison their targets and make them die slowly and painfully.

The knights, honorable and ready for battle, will raise their ally attack and damage stats.

Sips, the campmaker, will invite over his most loyal minion, Sadon, to aid him in the battle.

Sir Punchwood, the noble, will grant a defense aura to all those accompany him.


We hope you will enjoy seeing heroes die or prevail the horror that awaits them beneath your towns.


You can see the complete 0.46 changelog here.