Towns 0.45
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 23:19


They will slay monsters!

They will explore the dungeons!

They will charm your ladies!

They will steal your stuff!

Ladies, gentlemen, and those between, brace yourselves: Heroes are coming!


This next patch brings a slew of many new things, as well as addressing some old concerns.

We have reworked the guards to now have several roles instead of just the suicidal one. They will supervise work, patrol areas and rush to help other townies in danger.

The known hunger-lock phenomena has been reworked, no longer will hungry townies protest in anger. Now they will work slower and get depressed. A fair trade we might add.

We have added new content, decorations, different roofs, froggies camps in the jungle, windows, gates, colors, dressings and hats… yes... hats!

In the recreation area we have added the arena, where badgers can fight and shed blood to the joy and cheers of the viewers.

Oh yes, we also added the heroes.

Right now, they fulfill maybe 5-10% of their potential. They explore the dungeon, which now has a fog of war and is not instantly revealed, they  fight monsters, they may, depends on their moral, steal your stuff. But whatever you do, don’t lock them up. They will be driven insane and rampage through your town.

The heroes seeing light in this version are the dwarves, who prefer to sleep underground, the rogues, who prefer to steal your stuff than mess with dangerous monsters, the barbarians, who doesn’t care where they sleep, as long as they are getting their fresh stream of food, the highlanders, a danger junkies heroes who rather spend time at the dungeons than socialize in the tavern, the knights, an honourable fighters, and two special kind of heroes: Sips, the camp maker, who shoots fireballs, and Sir Punchwood the noble, who will help any damsel in distress.

In addition, we have reworked a lot of the underline code and mechanics, which should improve performance.

We do hope you will enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it!