Towns 0.42 !
Monday, 05 March 2012 21:08



Hello everyone, we are going directly to 0.42 without stopping by 0.41 due to the fact that IndieRoyale gave us a lot of time to continue working. We didn't stop for a single moment and therefore have twice the amount of stuff jammed into a single patch to show for!

Besides everything in the previous 0.41 patch that was previously discussed, you can look forward quite a few new things, such as fully animated walk cycles for all citizens, isometric slopes and altitude (which is actually taken into account when displacing water or lava for example), and new liquid values.

Another cool feature you should be expecting in a hot-fix soon is that citizens will be able to raise and lower terrain features using mud! This will let you guys build all sorts of cool valleys and mountains for you to defend!

Couple all of this, with the content in 0.41, and we have a fantastic little update!

Here is a change-log for both 0.41, as well as 0.42 to look through!

Add: Priorities panel (F3)
Add: Roads (living entities walk faster here)
Add: Animations for living entities
Add: TTF Font
Add: Heightmap a-la Transport Tycoon
Add: Food values on food items tooltip
Add: Save options
Add: Use of user folder for savegames and options
Add: New special values for map generation (_WATER_1_, _WATER_INF_, LAVA_1_, LAVA_INF_)
Remove: Barracks (now everybody can be a soldier!)
Remove: Transition tiles
Change: Speed of living entities reduced
Change: Stockpile points are removed if you place a zone over it
Change: Turns to build thing on benches changed to 70% if a roof is present
Change: Turns to build thing on benches changed to 85% if the builder is underground
Change: Warning "Sure to exit without save?" panel
Change: Water system uses slopes now
Change: Faster seeds at map generation (so the game starts early)
Fix: Enemies won't try to break opened doors
Fix: Crash when build a building only with doors
Fix: Prefix/suffix percentages are set to 5% again
Fix: Little improvement in the minimap render routine
Fix: Improved a little the save/load game performance
Fix: Item issues when delete the zone under it
Fix: Lag if no mats when build a building
Fix: Draw the roofs/big items (ie. trees) when his base is outside the screen
Fix: Citizens recalculate their path if while they are following it other citizens blocks the path with walls
Fix: Minor graphic glitches

As for content, hit-points, defense, and attack have been revamped, as well as armor making you slower.
Farms for each of the new animals that have been introduced, as well as new and improved food types.
There are a few new animals as well, and the inclusion of roads (that actually serve a purpose). Only wheat farms require tilled soil, and stockpiles no longer look like green goo!
There are, of course, all sorts of other little things but we want you guys to find the goodies out on your own!

Happy gaming!