Things to look forward to in next build
Thursday, 01 March 2012 20:51

All right, IndieRoyale is wrapping up and we finally have some time on our hands to touch base with you all and show you all the nifty new featurettes that the latest version of towns will bring!

We won’t go into content-related detail, but we believe that one of the most asked for aesthetic features has been added, one that you were probably not expecting until further along, fully animated walk cycles!
Yes, the citizens will now walk along their merry way!



Gone are the days of cell movement and blinking around the map, citizens now stroll along at a brisk pace, moving from cell to cell in a very elegant manner. Rest assured we will be adding animations to everything in the future, and things have to come at their own pace.

Next up, slopes, as you can see from the screenshots, there are now variable slopes.



We are currently debating on how to have elevated terrain serve a purpose in the game. Who knows, perhaps having your town on a high out-cropping might give you a tactical advantage over a siege in the near future. The task was no small feat!.

TTF fonts, yeah, we spoke about it before IR, but we wanted to mention it again, the new text is so much better than the previous one.

It’s readable, and no longer strains the eyes



These goodies, and many more await our pre-order friends and IndieRoyale supporters in the upcoming patch, slated for release in March!

Kind regards
-SMP team