Towns 0.41 preview
Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:33

Hello everyone, it's news time once again!


This time we are here with a 0.41 preview.


First off I think we should talk a bit about the new priorities panel. What will it do? Well, basically it will state each type of queue, ranging from hauling to cooking.

You will be able to designate the priority of each different order type, and give preference to them, so if you were to need more food, for example, you would put food at the top of the list, harvesting second, and everything else underneath. It will definitely give you a more streamlined gameplay experience as giving you a bit more indirect control lend's itself to a host of new possibilities!




Next up are the new roads. Why are there roads in the game? Because now everyone has slowed down!

We have taken a decision to make the game flow a bit slower in preparation for animations and all sorts of other goodies! Roads will speed people along their way and there might even be special equipment that can help your little guys zip around faster!




Besides a chunk of content, there are now penalties for not building roofs over your workshops.

In order to not dupe the game, building times will be slowed down as there is no roof. Underground building is possible, but will still be slower than building with a roof over your head (I guess it's due to working in the dark... or something...)


We are currently hosting a trailer making contest on our forums, remember to hurry, as it will only be available over the next week! The best trailer will get a hero made after it's creator!


Kind Regards

-SMP Team