Building overview
Tuesday, 08 November 2011 09:41

Today we are going to showcase the new custom building mechanics.

This is a simple step-by-step process on how crafting now works via the new workshop tables. Don't worry, this can be as easy or as brutally complex as you would like, so I'm sure that plenty of folks out there will want to make self contained fortresses within fortresses, surrounded by moats eventually. For now, however, let's focus on the basics.

Here you can see the carpentry we made using log walls. We made 15 log walls and placed them in a square, designated a zone, selected carpentry as a zone, and made a carpenter workbench in the utils section. As you can see, the biggest difference in this update is the fact that you can finally see inside of the workshops, not only that, you can make them any size and shape you would like.

Here we are selecting a wooden helmet, with any luck one of our idle citizens will take the materials needed to the proper workstation. By focusing building to workstations we eliminated the biggest internal gripe we had. Previously, there was no real reason not to plop down a series of buildings around a single stockpile. Now you can make stockpiles inside of the buildings, making things much more streamlined and simple!

Our civilian is building the wooden helmet. Now construction takes time, around 5 -10 seconds for each pieces, meaning no more building 40 helmets at once the instant a siege appears, you have to plan ahead!

Theres the helmet, now let's see where she places it.

Using our new transpancy effect, you can see behind the log walls and spot the wooden helmet on the floor.

Here is a showcasing of a carpentry building decorated using the new aesthetic items. This way they will add happiness to the people using the building.

As you can see, this updated version of the engine will allow for the customization that you all have been asking for. Expect the latest version soon!