If I bought the game very early on, where can I download it?

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If I bought the game very early on, where can I download it?

Postby tartok » Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:14 pm

I bought Towns when it was in early access, or so I think. I am now trying to figure out how I can download it again, maybe using my profile or simply through a client. I have no clue how to though, which is why I am asking the support forum for help. All and any help provided is always appreciated.
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Re: If I bought the game very early on, where can I download

Postby YetiChow » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:01 pm

Where you can download the game will depend on where you bought it -- I presume that since you say "very early on" that will mean you bought it through either BMT Micro, Desura or possibly IndieGala (if you bought it off the Townsgame.com website then that should have been handled through BMT Micro, unless you're going waaaaaaay back to the very first time the game went on sale).

Either way, you would have got a receipt email when you made the purchase, and that will have the link through which you can download your copy. Some systems might have provided the receipt and the DL link in separate emails; but the subject lines of those emails should make it clear which is which.

Of course, keeping track of those emails from years ago isn't always possible... fingers crossed you still have access to them; but if not then you can try sending an email to support@townsgame.com explaining your situation; the Dev is able to track down the purchase from his end with some basic info e.g. when you made the purchase and what method you used.

The fact that you've used the term "early access" hints that you're familiar with Steam, I presume you didn't get your copy through that platform but you should be entitled to a Steam key as part of the alpha access deal. That would be something else to bring up in your email to the Dev; because it makes accessing the game really simple for the future. If you download the game through Steam, you can copy the files straight out of the Steam folders to keep a backup for yourself and it works independent of Steam... in other words, the Steam version of the game is just the normal version + detection for the Steam overlay, so you can run it as though Steam wasn't there.

Hopefully you can get access to your copy swiftly and get back to playing the game ASAP :)
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Re: If I bought the game very early on, where can I download

Postby iamzid » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:43 am

i don't actually need help, but i would like to say that I'm glad that someone else already asked the question i needed.

i originally purchased Towns back in 2012 and after playing it to the furthest extent that i could, at the time, i put it down and sort of forgot about it. :? recently i was preparing to upgrade my PC and i was digging through my hard drive looking for anything that i might want to save and i found a copy of Towns_0.47a! WOW, that's still on here!? long story short i couldn't find any of the old information i needed (which i was sure i had saved at one point) to get a new copy, in my files. so after heading to the forums and taking inspiration from this post i mustered the courage to delve the deep dark depths of my poorly maintained gmail account. AND THERE IT WAS! 5 years deep in long forgotten emails i found my very own Towns steam key and forums password reset emails. once i get my new parts in and get my PC rebuilt i look forward to replaying Towns again. :geek:

i did it mom, i hope you're watching! :D
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