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0.50 MEGA Build Contest Entries(Completed!)

Postby EnvizionRev » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:31 am

Voting has Closed!

1st Place: Buster10!

2nd Place: Caprontos!

3rd Place: A tie between fbu and Tono4ham!

Question: How do we resolve a tie? Should be fun. :D

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! This thread is for posting your Contest entries, having the contest poll, and the competitor's real votes to be placed within their entry post. Also to show off my late, but really awesome Contest Announcement video. :D Hope you enjoy it. I put a lot of work into it.

Video: http://youtu.be/_4FoFSN6oi4

No discussion is allowed on this thread. Competitors will post their builds with either pictures or links to video, place their votes, and that's it. Any other posts will be removed. To keep everything clean and the entries easy to see and be voted on. :) Thank you, and best of luck to you all!

Tell your friends!

Link to Contest Discussion: http://www.townsgame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3960
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby Jon_jon13 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:51 pm

My Entry:

Testing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpEF_d3 ... ature=plcp

Will be updated :D

EDIT: I'd like some feedback on the video itself, quality, music, resolution, etc. And if you like, some comment about the town it's okay too :P

*weeks later* (11/9/12)
EDIT2: Here's my "corrupted" save. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/104689240/c1normal.zip

If I can't manage to remake everything from scratch and finish the work on time, at least I hope the save and the test video can be a valid entry. =.=

FINALLY, My real entry:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KebuJH8s ... ture=g-upl

First of all, I must say that it's obviously an unfinished work. But there's nothing more I can do when there's no way to save and load, I just could load the recovered save (Again, thanks Spyre2000!) and do the most I could in one go, then record, and byebye world again. I had plans to add a blacksmith next to the carpentry, some 2 story houses (you can see the places are marked with rooms), a basement for the tavern with 3 rooms (there's stairs leading down, but it's just plain stone), and even a town hall, on the hill next to the kitchen.

Everything except the ship and some minor last minute fixes, was done without any mod. Then the save got corrupted, and after all the problems with the saves, I found I had no option but to try to speed up a bit with the creative mod. I hope everyone can understand the issues I had to deal with, and at least doesn't take into account the unfinished part.

Thank you, and please leave a like or something in the video if you actually like it (even if you prefer any other entry and you don't vote for me in the contest anyway :P) , and any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, or whatever are welcome as always.

My vote: Spyre2000
I really likes a lot of decorative choices, and everything fits in the respective building. It was a hard decision, and the fact that spyre2000 was who recovered my save may or may not have tiped the balance in his favour :roll:

More details about all the entries on the discussion thread soon :P
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby Aduvash » Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:16 am

Here's my entry:
If it's too big for your monitor click this link to see the full view

I decided to make a little rural town with a fortress, I would've added people but they kept deserting their posts 'cause they wanted to take a nap...

I used Jontis' creative mod and I tweaked the graphics files so I could do stuff like putting stairs facing the other way and so I could place a dirt block to fill in a hole.

My vote:
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby fbu » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:30 pm

Why hello there. Let's start with a bit of story:

And so on that faithful day, the day that later shall be labeled as 1/1/1, our beloved and mighty king Suryavarman II stepped out onto the wide balcony to the south side of his palace, overlooking the intricate pathways through the palace's courtyards and gardens just as the sun started to rise in the distant east. It was at this moment, as king Suryavarman, still in his simple, gold-coated dressing gown, turned to one of his guards and inquired of him as is told:
"Dude, what's with all the dunes and hills and all those over there? I can't even see the sun back there properly, man."
While suprised by the unusual request, the guard reacted quickly by asking where the king would want them to be moved to, seeing as they can't just be cast out of existence.
King Suryavarman in reply declared in his typically eloquent manner: "Woah, I don't know, dude, just get them away. Have them build a temple from them or something."
And that is how the construction of the greatest and most radiant temple known to mankind has been comissioned.

It is now more than a year and ten month later, and the final stone of the inner sanctum has been set in place. (For the second time, actually; shortly after the first completition, the king accidentially knocked a pebble out of an intricate bas-relief, thereby ripping half of an adjacent colonnade apart.)
Over a dozen of loyal workers have given their very lives for the construction, and their bones now rest in the walls of this magnificent sight (that is, mostly the floors, due to the block-placement-crushing-everything-bug).
The temple's foundation is made of sand (which causes it's unbelievable solidity according to our architects), while the temple itself is made of highest-quality limestone blocks. Overall, the tireless worker peons have moved more than 13.000 blocks of sand, and moved and subsequently chipped at about 10.000 blocks of stone to build this marvelous construction. At its highest point, they stacked these blocks 23 units high, as our greatest designers found a way to raise the maximum height from previously mere 12 units.

Without further ado, we now proudly present you the image of what great tribute to the gods the grand king has constructed:


Link to the full in-game resolution image. Warning! 8700x4500px, 14.7mb image

Some more technical details:

The screenshot is brightened up a bit to remove the height-shadowing, as it otherwise looks quite depressing. The edges fade into generic desert; otherwise the image is unaltered. You can even still see the original building camp, where the poor peons can rest their heads.
I indeed built the whole thing in a nearly unmodified towns game; starting from the usual desert map, I increased the number of above-surface layers (and I now know why it is just 12 usually), moved the river out of the way and removed the snake crabs. All other game aspects are plain vanilla.
After watching the other entries, I guess that I got a quite different idea of the whole build large concept; seeing as my design lacks any and all kinds of decoration. Still, I think it nailed the MEGA quite nicely. The building itself just a replica of an actually existing building, so I didn't come up with anything of the actual design. I tried to be as true to the original as I could, which turned out harder than I thought; so the first one to guess the original site gets a virtual hug from me! (or virtual high-five, your choice) It covers now about 120 by 110 tiles, thus taking up more than a quarter of real estate of the whole map: the screenshot's borders on the sides are the actual map borders.

It was very much fun to build the whole thing, and I learned quite a bit about building things. I deleted at least several thousand units of scaffolding (indeed, there are still hundreds in the map, supporting the elevated parts of the sand floor), and I would build some parts quite differently if I would do it again. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the end result, and I hope you like it as well. Many many thanks of course go to the Towns-Team Xavi and Ben, for building the fantastic game that made this possible; as well as all the others involved in the contest, for encouraging me to do this. Thank you!

The Contest:

So many great designers, architects and builders (not to forget a couple of crazies) have put their most splendid works to display; and splendid they are! I have taken a hike (or a stroll, where appropriate) through all of them, have marveled at all their wonders and intricacies and gazed at all their incomparable magnificence.
Now, though, you demand of me a judgment on who is the most equal among their peers, and I have rested long and heavy on this though, being the impossible decision that it is. Still, I finally made up my mind and have come to an end, and have found the truest of beauty. Praise for this and all times shall be to the marvellous, glorious and splenderous work of Buster10!

Finally, thank you for your time to read all this,
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby Badger » Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:08 am

It was certainly hard to choose just one with so many awesome entries,but I have to go with caprontos since it has so much variety & I'm a sucker for big cities.

Well, here be my entry. Just a humble little town:


Full Size Image!(+ Brightness)

Creative Mod was used while making this town.

It has a population of 16 and has several buildings,such as:

The Houses:
These buildings are homes to the humble little townies. There are a total of 7. The green house doubles as a hospital!
(Typical House Interior)

The Tavern:
The heart of the town, where wandering heroes stop by to rest after a days worth of dungeon-crawling.
(1st Floor) (Basement)
(2nd Floor Tavern Room,3 in total)

The Wood-Shop:
Where wood-based items are made. Also has an atelier upstairs .

The Masonry:
Where stone-based items are made.

The Forge/Weapon Shop:
Weapons are made & sold here, as well as other things.

The Butcher:
Where delicious meaties are made!

The Bakery:
Where delicious cookies & other baked goods are made!

The Sanctuary:
This is where the locals pay their respects to their fallen loved ones.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my submission!

Badger, i have taken the freedom to post a brightened up version of your town, i hope its ok (Burningpet)

Edit:Thank you! Now the town isn't as gloomy! :D
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby Jacko » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:09 pm

My entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uR6poz3AVU&feature=plcp enjoy!

My Vote goes to badger for his awesome looking little town!
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby kkec01 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:40 am

Here's my entry: Image

My Vote:Tono4ham
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby caprontos » Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:50 pm

My entry:
It is a port city, It is not 100% two story but I think I have enough two story for it to still count (I think all two story would not have worked as well):

Link for bigger picture: http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1 ... maller.jpg

Link for bigger, complete and brightened up view of the town: http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1 ... dsmall.jpg

Closer pictures to each area:
The keep:

The Docks:

The tavern/Inn:

The Kitchen/Chicken farm:

The Wheat farm:

(I removed the UI from here on .. maybe should of removed letters but....)



Some housing areas:


Hospital and poison making shack:

Arena and dining hall:

If I am able in someway to finish the other half.. I will update the post accordingly. but we'll see if that is doable with out the save dieing haha...


Well I was able to do the second half.. didn't really plan on it today but..

Link: http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo21 ... re.png.jpg

Note most of the housing lacks beds since I was afraid of attracting new people... due to the stackoverflow issue..

Housing nearest the bridge and can see the church as well..

Other housing:

Prison+housing+rightmost store:

Store areas + Town Square:

I like pretty much all the ideas put out in this contest, tis difficult to pick just one for "best"... However I guess I need to anyways soooo... after much thinking...

My vote is to badger, I just like the over all feel of his town... It fits the theme of the contest and towns really well.. simple quite little town.. Tormented and besieged but the world around it and under it ... :P...
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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby Buster10 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:44 pm

Welcome to
Full picture here: http://imageshack.us/a/img23/5943/finishedcastle.png
My focus in this entry was using height. That is why the walls and buildings gradually grow, untill reaching the limit at 12. I didn't expand it further than this, even though I would like to have a city outside the gates. Time issues have slowed me down, so I concentrated on the keep.

THE KEEP is surrounded by two walls, THE OUTER WALL and THE INNER WALL. The outer wall is thick and low, and the inner wall is high and slim.
THE TRHONE ROOM is the first thing one will encounter after the courtyard. The dominant colors are red and purple, and on the dais there's room for both the King and Queen, and the royal advisors. The roof of the room is liftet by four massive collums.
THE DINING HALL is large and close THE KITCHEN. In there, the mood is always merry, and there'll always be music playing.
THE ROAYL BEDROOMS are located on the upper floor, together with the common room for the royals, and the King's STUDY. The royal children will also be educated on this floor, in THE CLASSROOM.


MY VOTE goes to fbu
I think the simplicity of his design makes it perfect, and I was wonderstruck the first time I saw it. I also like how he did something we haven't really seen before. The presentation of his work is also incredibly good, both the story and the work he did on the image afterwards.

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Re: 0.50 MEGA Build Contest Video and Entries

Postby YetiChow » Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:15 am

Wasn't sure I'd make it, but there was no was I wasn't going to try and I just scraped in (as usual). I know I said there would be Dwarves, but I decided to go with plan B...

So, what's better than a golden statue? A MEGA golden statue which is big enough for your townies to live in :D


It's 12x12 at the base and 26 blocks high; even though it's hollow (full of scaffolding so the townies could build it, I was going to put a room inside but I decided against it) it still incorporates over a thousand gold blocks!

Obviously this was made with creative mod, Firearms Mod is in there as well but not used for anything (although I was tempted to mod the musket into a laser gun and have the statue shoot lasers from its eyes, I figured that was overkill...)

My vote goes to Buster_10
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