0.39.2 Containers: Some Change Suggestions

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0.39.2 Containers: Some Change Suggestions

Postby Tacit_Exit » Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:02 am

Currently containers are MM intensive if you care about supply chain optimisation.

I think a few simple(?) changes would make them much more user friendly.

1.Default for all containers should have all materials dissallowed. This prevents the problem of multiple jobs of hauling spawned as soon as the container is built, unless you pause as soon as its put down and adjust the allowed materials. Thus you can just build a bunch and get to them when you feel like it without spawning numerous unneccessary hauling jobs.

2.Containers should take on the characteristics of the stockpile they are on, or at least be overidden by the stockpile characteristics. Currently a container with all allowed that is moved to eg: a flour and raw food barrel only stockpile will take all your wheat, raw pork etc. This change would allow for the default 'all materials off' containers mentioned in 1. to be hauled to any valid stockpile where containers are allowed and automatically become the 'right' container for that stockpile. No extra menu micromanagement required.

3.Containers should be able to be moved to an allowed stockpile even if that stockpile is full; any non-container occupied spot should allow a container and automatically 'absorb' the material that was occupying that spot. Allows easier integration of containers into stockpiles when they are full, which is generally when you will start to think about building containers!

4.(Less Important) Container Menu currently has an entry for containers, but I dont think thats allowed! Probably should be removed.

5.(Random Idea) Containers should create a new graphic on the underlying tile that overides the stockpile and basetile graphic. Stockpile graphic is highly visible but a little ugly; a fully container saturated stockpile would thusgive a visual reward of a 'prettier' area as well as being much more efficient use of space.
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