General gameplay suggestions [1/13]

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General gameplay suggestions [1/13]

Postby kujila » Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:29 pm

Just some ideas! :idea:

UI and gameplay

Full town inventory screen (shows all materials, items, etc)

Full town citizen roster (gives easy access to all citizens' stats, equipment, jobs, etc)

Make "harvest" into "gather" so it works for Bone, *ites, enemy heads, etc as well as fruit trees - creates a job at higher priority to get these items

Keyboard hotkeys for everythings

See outline of citizens/objects/animals/enemies behind trees/buildings (battles are in dense
forests are currently occluded)

Turn automatic mode on/off with a drag selection box -Good for large fields of
crops; multiple mill buildings, etc

Queue priority manager - move certain assigned taks up or down easily with marked job list and /\ and \/ buttons for each job

Guard zones / patrol routes - IE; station guards at the dungeon entrance

Manual attack/attack-move-to-zone for citizens & soldie (selection box) - Frustrating when your forces go out ONE BY ONE to fight off a dire wolf invasion and get slaughtered like idiots. Even if they are set to soldier a lot of time they just run out there with no coordination and die. If you can group them somehow and make them go together then their combat would be more efficient! :D

Citizens, enemies, etc, appear on minimap with respective colors.

Disable mud being put in containers/specify certain items to a DUMP zone

Consistency to siege timing (Right now it seems like you can have four sieges in a row, then don't have any for a month)

Shift click the production (+) and (-) buttons to move in increments of 5 instead of 1

Hold mouse button on the production (+) and (-) buttons to quickly add or remove

Button to set "Holiday mode" where citizens disregard work for free time (increase
happiness without disrupting saved work queues to get immigrants)


Additional later features

Herbology (Picking)
Gravestones for dead citizens?
Citizens can level up
Soldiers can join hero as companion/mercenary
Hero monsters with special minions. May drop special loot.

Beta Updates; Kingdom Economy:

Gold coins implemented.

Kingdom Road system - road runs from one map corner to another

Travelers and merchants come via road network

Citizen inventories - citizens use the chests/barrles in their rooms for belongings!

Economic system, regular traveling merchants (more merchants come if they feel safe in your town - maybe tie to Citizen happiness level?)

Inn - for foreign merchants and travelers to stay at

Brewery - Produces beer from wheat

Pub - Increases happiness. Chance to inflict drunkedness

Trading Depot - Ability to put items for sale for heros and travelers to purchase

Gold can be used to purchase special items from the Kingdom

Gold can be minted with approval from the Kingdom. If minting occurs without Kingdom approval, you may face sanctions, embargoes, and eventually even sieges!
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