A few more quick suggestions.

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A few more quick suggestions.

Postby Thoranius » Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:06 am

First, a more comprehensive save-game system would be useful, especially this early in the development phase. Options to save in multiple spots in case game-breaking glitches are encountered, or worse, as it stands now, if you accidentally miss continue game and hit start new game (especially easy to do on higher res settings, laptap touchpads, and/or varying quantities of alcohol), your previous save game is completely gone, poof, vanished, no coming back unless you made a backup save manually.

Second, random creatures occasionally wandering into the map (since it seems now, other than pigs, if you kill all the existing creatures of a particular breed of passive critters, they no longer spawn, and pigs are only excluded due to pig farms.) This was only tested and confirmed with a mostly deforested map. Of course, this could also be simply applied to just badgers, which aren't really domesticated creatures by nature, and instead the appropriate farms for cattle and chickens could be added instead. (On a side note, if that change did occur, badgers should be changed to aggressive creatures when provoked, with about half the combat difficulty of spiders, perhaps.) Also, badgers would no longer require a kill command, as soldiers would instead hunt them down like any other aggressive mob, yet civilians would be mostly left alone, unless walking directly into the same square as the creature, thus aggravating it, or trying to kill it with an unarmed soldier and being unlucky enough to fail, then it would also start hunting down civilians and soldiers alike within range, much like any other hostile non-sentient mob.

Third, perhaps a revamp of the tree growth system, or perhaps the addition of randomly getting seed or sapling drops from cut trees, in case you overdo it trying to cut down trees trying to minimize tree overpopulation ("Can't see the forest through the trees!"). Or, perhaps more of a global interactiveness to the spawn system, tree spawns increasing when 50 or less trees exist on the map (non-fruit bearing trees), and slowing down drastically at around 200 trees, with an upper hard cap of say 300 trees. This would work well with the fruit tree change I mentioned in my post on the food automation page.

Next, another small point relates to the barracks inability to be placed underground. I can understand windmills not being placed underground, but it seems to me that barracks would fit quite well there, I assume this is probably only a temporary issue from the hybrid current state of buildings. However, the grass tiles underground instead of dirt/or moss should be addressed eventually, along with the ability to till the ground underground, even though nothing can yet be planted there (again, could be from the hybrid state, pen those pesky pigs underground, I say!)

I know I had a couple other notions, I can't seem to recall the others currently.

And keep up the great work, definitely a lot of potential in this game, considering in it's alpha state, I've racked up over 24 hours of playtime in the 2 days since purchasing it.

P.S. Remember, anything I offer in my posts are to be taken as constructive criticisms and helpful suggestions, nothing negative.


I remembered some of the other things, finally.

One would be either individual or an overall happiness meter for the town's inhabitants, and perhaps a hunger/fullness meter as well.

Another would be roofing when using engraved stone walls above-ground, as well as an indicator of how useful each piece of wall/furniture/decoration is towards the towns happiness, perhaps a wealth or value indicator.

Perhaps an economy system (for trade purposes) or an expendable use for excess materials, such as coal to run the smelter and wood to fuel the bakers ovens and kitchen stoves. (Not a complete shutdown on the cooking side, but lack of fuel would slow the final process substantially, since they would be running on embers, and should also have a toggle if saving up wood for a major construction project)

A range meter that could automate killing of passive mobs, much like the food prep meter, with a low and high end range (IE, stop culling cows when they get down to 10, start killing them again if they get over 25)
This would also apply to badgers, even if the earlier idea of aggressiveness were to be applied, but would only affect aggressively hunting them down, they would still be killed on if harassing villagers, even if it put them below the desired lower limit.

A use for mud would be great, or an option to destroy all mud in a single click or a means of disposal until it has a use, as with flint.

A way to dismantle constructions for reassembly elsewhere, which I assume is already in the works since there is already a stockpile option for things such as walls, doors, decorations, etc.

A fluid task priority scale for food, dependent on the number of prepared foodstuffs in stock (on map, not just in stockpiles) compared to the number of citizens. Say, at 10 foodstuffs in stock per town member, it would fall pretty low on the priority scale, but at 3 meals or less per member remaining, the priority would override all other tasks besides healing. This would prevent the issue of rescinding other job orders to avoid ending up with starving, stubborn people standing around refusing to do anything, including producing food. Or, at least give the option for starving people to slowly attempt to gather a meal, and making food gathering tasks the only task they can attempt.

Civilians and soldiers (and even heroes, once added) dropping their equipment in a scattered heap when they die, nothing worse than losing a nice weapon or bit of armor because 10-20 goblin leaders decide to crash your party in month 5, killing all but 3 of your population and depleting nearly your entire arsenal before being able to drive them back.

Also, in relation to this, addressing the issue of not being able to have more than a single item per square, which often leads to losing half the drops from a kill, (IE, kill a pig on a pig farm tile, and the pig-pounder in question has to choose which of the two drops, the meat or bones, gets moved to a clear nearby tile, and which gets sacrificed to the gods of binary. Fixing this would make the dead town member drop idea much easier to implement, but stockpiles would still be limited to 1 item per square, as before, unless containers become usable for storing multiple items on a single tile.

Usable containers, barrels for holding perhaps 5 like food items in a single tile, crates for holding raw materials, and chests or racks for holding armor and weaponry, etc.

The addition of stone roasting pits for meat cooking and iron ovens for baking, the firepit would alleviate some of the stress of food production on initially iron-scarce maps, and having iron counterparts for cooking would have the added incentive of cooking at full speed( the current speed), where the stone variants would cook at half that rate, and have half the fuel efficiency of their iron counterparts (Say 5 cooking uses per wood burned in the stone ones, and 10 per in the iron ones)

Tools for common tasks, chopping trees, harvesting fruits, slaughtering animals, digging, mining, forging, performing masonry or carpentry, etc. Trees could be harvested without tools for making the basics as well as basic carpentry (at 1/5 of normal speed), everything else should require at least wooden tools to perform (civilians would pick up the best available of each tool when becoming a civilian again from being a soldier, or when joining the town for the first time). Wooden tools would grant 2/5 speed, copper would be 3/5, iron would be 4/5, and steel tools made from 4 coal and 2 iron each, not including the smelting coal cost, would allow for normal speed (the current speed).

A specific food storage container, for fruits, only place-able underground, on a food stockpile, that would slow or stop the decay rate of fruits, perhaps a cellar type item of some sort, or being underground and cool slowing the decay rate without needing a container (Never realized until today that they decay til I watched them go poof before my eyes, explained why I had so much difficulty early on maintaining food before getting my bakeries up and running).

One last edit before I forget, perhaps the ability to place mud over a non-grass tile on the surface, converting it to a grass tile, for the OCD players out there who must place their towns in the same spot each time, including their farming location preferences.
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