Just 20 idea's off the top of my head

Post here your suggestions for future Towns releases

Just 20 idea's off the top of my head

Postby Regoso » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:28 am

I just bought this game after playing the demo and i got to say i like it alot. Can see the potential in it and i would like to add some suggestions so here i go:
1- Brewery (another use for wheat/fruit :D )
2- Traveling/Wandering Merchants (once y'all get currency in-game to buy gifts for Heroes or to buy that hard to get item)
3- Choose-able Races (use your imagination(Orcs are kind of close to goblins but id "eeeeeee" like a girl if they were in)
4- Invasions by another Faction (maybe they well start a little surface town and attack you if they are not dealt with)
5- Underground incursions (like on the surface but along the edge of the map underground)
6- Enemy Units that are hostile to one another(maybe the sneak/mage/??? hero can lure monsters to fight one another)
7- The ability to build more than 1 story buildings ( build a castle on top to match your fortress below)
8- Make it so crafting tables decay over time if they don't have a roof over there head
9- Make it so roofs have to be built (seems odd they just appear the way they do)
10- Birds flying around (maybe have the animation linked to trees(no trees no birds)
11- Mayors (who is going to give the Hero's there quests(this could also be your in game persona)
12- Mud walls (for god sake put something in the game for mud :cry: )
13- Fire Pits (decoration)
14- Day and Night Cycles(danger may wait in the darkness of the forests)
15- Seasonal Cycles (need to stoke pile that wheat for winter)
16- Spider Meat (mmmmmmm yummy)
17- Town Treasures (these could do things like increase pig/wheat/tree/happiness etc. growth rates(rewarded for clearing a dungeon lvl and/or killing Boss's?)
18- A visual reference to tell you when a field/tree no longer has wheat/fruit
19- Ranged Enemy's (whats shooting my Guardsmen)
20- Arrow slot (for flaming arrows etc.)

Well that all for now maybe tomorrow ill have 20 more. :lol:
PS. Sorry for any spelling errors don't hurt me Grammar Nazi's
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