Palisade + guard tower

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Palisade + guard tower

Postby Tutamun » Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:01 pm

Just saw this on Ickum's video at about 1 hour 51 minutes in part 1.
~ Reinforced log walls that don't decay

I think log walls should not decay... at least not at the rate they now do. I'm thinking about years or at least months and not days.
There could be a second type of log walls... ones with pointy tips... like the roman palisades. (They could be based of the current log wall graphics.) Would be neat to have palisades as the first defense around a new town until you have enough stone and time to build a stone wall. They could provide good protection to early weak sieges. Oh! And we then also need wooden guard towers with soldiers equipped with bows to shoot over the palisade.
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