[Suggestions] Adding more ways to interact with our citizens

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[Suggestions] Adding more ways to interact with our citizens

Postby City Builder » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:44 pm


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I may not be able to tell you which Townie is which without using tool-tips. 
But I can damn well tell you which Townie of mine is living in which room!
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Current ways to select the Townies/Citizens:
[*] Right Click on the individual Townie/Citizen

Proposed Additional ways to select Townies/Citizens:
Since the game is already keeping track of where the Townies personal room is located...
[*] Right Click on the Townies bed (or any cell in the Townies personal room) and it will bring up the right click menu that we currently see when we right click on the Townie/Citizen him/her-self.
[*] Add an option to any/all right click menus that have to do with an individual Townie, what would give us the option to center the camera view on that individual Townie.
[*] Add a right click option that when we right click on anything in the game, there should be a new choice (option name: List all Townies) that will bring up a list of all Townies in the game. We should have the ability to right click on any Townie name in that list and manage that townie right from that menu.
[*] Any new list that you create of individual Townies, should always be broken down into a list of Townies and a list of Soldiers for easy access. For example the List all Townies that I propose above, should be sorted and have two groups, citizens and soldiers.

It would be really nice to have these and I'm sure others can come up with their own ideas as well of ways to work with the individual Townie. As it is now, it's a complete mess. I know it will get better as the game is worked on. But since we are dealing wtih micro managing the individual Townies we really need outstanding ways of managing the individual Townies in the game, I think the ideas I propose above would help a great deal with being able to quickly work with the individual Townies.

I am more likely to remember who's room belongs to which Townie in the game more than I am going to ever be able to recognize the individual Townie without mousing over it and waiting for a tool-tip to show up. I think that being able to control or manage the individual Townie by right clicking their bed, or a cell in their room will be one of the best additions you could add to the game to allow us to work with the individual Townie.

While I'm here making suggestions, please add the ability to change the individual Townies name, it seem since you've given them a name already that is taken from an xml file that you want us to be able to recognize individual Townies by name. Allowing us to change their names to something of our own choosing would even further that recognition to the point of knowing which Townie is which and what we might have planned for that Townie.

Thank you
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