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Re: Suggestions for v15

Postby YetiChow » Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:00 am

Badger wrote:I know it's prolly been suggested over 9000 times already, but I would really like to see some advanced roofing options to make nicer looking buildings.

I agree that, if there's time to add them during "down time" waiting for code and such, new decorative content never hurts - it's a great way to fill in the time, and any chance for creativity is a good thing... besides, it's usually fun to implement as well :)

Of course, feel free to make suggestions/requests in the modding forums - we'd all love to see them in the game, but if that's not how it works out, then modding is the next best thing.

I know I'd like to see some gabled roof blocks (i.e. not a right-angles triangle but a "cap piece" to make gabled roofs with. There's already a mod for it, but we're shooting for vanilla game here...); a couple of new arches; all those "unfinished" blocks that have pictures... perhaps an iron bar door, I know iron furniture has already been suggested... What kind of roofs and blocks specifically did you have in mind? Again, any that don't make it in can just be the start of a new mod :)
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Re: Suggestions for v15

Postby Jphawx » Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:50 am

Just stopping by for my suggestion here. First let me say thanks for the updates we have had. I would like to see a door that only heros could pass through while closed(not locked). We could still lock them out by locking the door but I would like to see it where the townies could go through only if the door is opened. There are a ton of applications for this like setting up armor caches only your hero can use, and auto equipping would not send a townie to your best weapon. I don't know myself but the coding seems like it could be based on the locking system you have now, just with this one type of hero door it would be different. Let me know what you think! And thanks for the chance to try and implement something.
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Re: Suggestions for v15

Postby wisecasper » Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:50 pm

How about adding the Cows, Pigs, Snoat, sheep and add horses from farms, as equipable items, the townies and heroes then ride them around granting a movement speed and combat bonus at a cost of needing food a little more often :-)

Could be under the militaries menu needing the animal plus one of the hides to make a saddle which would produce equipable combat cow, combat pig, combat snoat, combat sheep and combat horse.
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Re: Suggestions for v15

Postby Harold Anderson » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:05 am

That's pretty nice dude! :D ;)
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Re: Suggestions for v15

Postby Carnivorous Cactus » Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:22 am

I'd like some sort of auto haulage option for moving empty and full barrels.

Such as, at the moment we can specify when or not to allow barrels onto a stockpile area. Can you enhance that so we can choose for the stockpile to accept only empty or full barrels.

An example:

I want a centralised bakery area. The stockpiles located near the bakery only accept empty barrels, the stockpiles near the dining room(s), or near the tavern only accept full barrels.

---------------------------------------------------full barrels--------------------------------->
BAKERY ======================================================== TAVERN/DINING
<-------------------------------------------------empty barrels------------------------------

The bakery would accept the empty barrel, but when it starts getting filled up it has no alternate stockpile destination as yet as it is not yet full. Once it has been filled it has an alternate destination (if the destined stockpiles have a free space), so the townies who are haulers then have to lug it to the other stockpile.

This would also work for retrieving wood from the outskirts of the map, or stone, ores and other materials from the depths of the dungeons to buildings which have been purpose built for carpentry, masonry and smithing/forging.

I know I can do this manually at the moment by constantly deleting stockpiles and creating new ones. However, this is an absolute pain to have to keep doing manually, not to mention it can get a bit messy.
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Re: Suggestions for v15

Postby Carnivorous Cactus » Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:53 pm

It seems ridiculous to me that only one furniture item in LoS affects happiness. While I understand the logic in why this was changed (from what I've read when happiness modifiers were first introduced the combined effect was considered overpowered?) the conclusion reached seems somewhat short sighted and flat/lacking depth of play. Can I suggest you re-introduce multiple happiness effects instead of the single item effect with better balancing of the combined impact of the decorations, perhaps in the vein of how Sims Medieval did their decorated/nicely decorated/beautifully decorated buffs - the degree of the mood modifier was affected by the combination of furniture quality/type.

With the present set up all people need do for max happiness buff is put a bonsai tree every 7 squares in the early game until they obtain gold/bird cages, and then replace the bonsais with the bird cages, regardless of whether indoors or outdoors.

A more in depth method (a la the afore-mentioned Sims Medieval) would be:
- to have different max happiness buffs depending on whether the townie was in doors or outside (generally I'd expect the buffs to be higher when sheltered in doors rather than outside);
- have it calculated based on the combination of items in LoS and the room/non-room area the townie is standing in
- have a boost to happiness if the townie's personal room is private .. ie enclosed by walls, door, floor, ceiling, possibly an additional boost if they also have a view (ie windows to outside).

If you need some inspiration on this can I suggest you take a look at the way Sims Medieval composed/compiled their (very many) buff types/states, not only with decorations, but also with food, drink, sleep, jobs done, injuries, entertainment, the list goes on.
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