[v14b] Vagabond's Suggestion Thread!

Post here your suggestions for future Towns releases

[v14b] Vagabond's Suggestion Thread!

Postby Vagabond » Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:21 pm


-Panic Button: Citizens will go to a designated safe place. I.E: Their Personal rooms or a "flagged" area (Examples: Ring Bell in the town hall of humans in Warcraft, or Town Centers in Age of Empires).

-Citizens and Soldiers lock and unlock doors as they go through them.

-Marriage: Involves future god system and priest. Requires single family homes with specific items (I.E, a "Couples Bed"). Married Townies will have children if a crib is present in the home. While female is pregnant, she is limited in what she can do.

- Citizens can craft rucksacks (two items carried), handcarts (four items carried), and pack animals (six items carried) to allow more efficient hauling .

-Terraforming. Fill an empty space, or replace (get meterial, add new one)

-Attack: right clicking on an enemy will allow you to select a group to engage the enemy.

-Rogue: if caught stealing by a guard, the item is retrieved, they are fined, and if you've built them, they are put in the stocks.

- Item Shop: New zone used to set what items you will buy from, and sell to heroes.

-Quest Flags: Offer a sum of money for heroes to Guard, Clear, or retrieve items in an area. If the amount is to low, they won't accept it (based on difficulty(Inspired by Majesty 2).

-Heroes haul loot back to town to sell it. They hoard all the other loot in their inn room (New item: Heroes' Chest, can store any item but only accessible by heroes) to prevent exploit.


-Citizen should run away from enemies

- Soldiers do not take up private rooms (unless married; if added), if they are part of a group that has a barracks.

-Ex-soldiers should be tagged "Veteran" (I.E: "Veteran Bill Crosby") after their service (reverted to citizen) and slowly lose accumulated xp over time.

-Enemies spawn in groups to make the "Attack" option more effective, soldiers will engage all enemies in that group (I.E: 10 spiders and 11 slimes spawn in a siege, the 10 spiders will be a group, and the 11 slimes will be a group)

-Heroes pay to stay in the tavern/inn (room & Board)

-Heroes act based on amount of coin they have, and their personality. They stay and leave based on their room status, taking their Heroes Chest with them (and all the loot inside). When the game calls for a hero of the same type to come to town, the one you had previously will come back will the same equipment, level, and Heroes Chest they left with.

-Each sound should be in it's own folder, where more similar sounds can be added so the game shuffles through them randomly for more variance.


- No longer stack. Can't pass through each other.

- Heroes (Rogue exempt) no longer steal.
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