Please add these hotkeys

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Please add these hotkeys

Postby isam2k » Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:48 am

Hi developers,

first of all let me tell you what an awesome game you've created.

However please add hotkeys allowing the player to cycle through messages (Announcements, Combat, Hero).

Cycle Announcements: [Shift]+[F1]
Cycle Combat Messages: [Shift]+[F2]
Cycle Hero Messages: [Shift]+[F3]

Press Cycle-Announcements-Shortcut, camera jumps to the event. Repressing the same shortcut will jump to the previous announcement in the message-stack.

Code: Select all
/* Cycle message shortcut has been pressed */
void onCycleMessageShortcut() {
if (cameraLockMessageTime > 0) {
cameraLockMessageId = getPreviousMessageId(cameraMessageId);
else {
cameraLockMessageId = getLatestMessageId();
cameraLockMessageTime = CAMLOCK_TIME; // 2 seconds should be fine


void update(float deltaTime) {
if (cameraLockMessageTime > 0) cameraLockMessageTime -= deltaTime;

Without knowing your code I hope the above is still useful for you. Maybe camera movement should also reset cameraLockMessageTime to 0.

I would like you to add these shortcuts because it would ease playing the game on laptops or notebooks while only having the touchpad as a mouse.
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