a 'writable overlay' for graphics

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a 'writable overlay' for graphics

Postby YetiChow » Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:03 am

The addition of 'write-on-able' items was really cool, and it adds a whole other layer of character to the game. However, it's got me thinking: would it be possible to add another 'layer' to the graphics like the lighting is (which used to be the colouring layer if my suspicions are correct), which handles things like text on signs?

The potential for another 'overlay' layer could be quite massive - swirly enchantment effects for magic stuff, blood spatters on weapons/armour, cracks/other damage markers showing up on items which <maxAge>...

Of course, I suspect it would be a bit tricky to add given the way that the game is currently built.

The alternative 'cheap' solution for signs is to just put some text-looking squiggles on them so they don't look blank. However, it would be really cool if we could get the 'overlayed' graphics, even if they didn't interact with other overlays like lighting.
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