Behavior patterns suggestions

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Behavior patterns suggestions

Postby Ruane » Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:09 am

Let me know if you want examples or more details. Feel free to comment on anything.

New Block:
Mud block - after some time changes to either a grass or jungle block depending on what's around it.

Behavior patterns:
Staring new game- Start with a few resources that are brought along to start a new town.

Immirgrant - possible of bringing a few resources or items when showing up.

Sieges - showing number of monsters spawned, types would be nice also when first spawned.

Missions/quests- Able to send heroes on quest and townies on quest/missions outside of town. Can range from slaying monsters to trading expeditions with the possibility of them

Items - Allow items to stack when dropped on death of monster/townie. In case of townies items may have a chance to be destroyed. (durability/break) when hauling townies target stacked
items first and spread them out.

Combat - During combat townies weapons/armor have chance to break. (durability/break) Townies will have a chance to flee if they take damage. (morale)

Food/sleep - Allow townies to go eat or sleep if in middle of a task/combat to avoid starvation. (been suggested once I believe)

Animal Farms/mines - being able to have a set number produced.

Walls - Being able select like mining to clear buildings or sections instead of R click destroy each block. Townies will take apart.
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