A new hero...

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A new hero...

Postby Bimthurn » Wed May 29, 2013 2:29 am

I dont know about all of you but ive always wanted a hard to get but super good hero...
I was thinking Odysseus, why? Because im known as odysseus on every forum but this one and hes just a cool guy. He could have had to get requirements like room must be placed near water and connected to a dock or something like that because he sailf the med sea for years. He could brandish a heavy bow (because his bow had a massive amount of draw power) and do a lot of damage but when he dies no other townie or hero can use his weapon because odysseus is the only one able to use it (true in the story). The bow could be use to create decorative items also such as hanging arms (a shield with his bow and another heros sword) or other decorative items like a statue that would require his bow..

I dono just an idea to change it up because Odysseus is a cool demi-god and hero, and his powerful bow could be used in other decorative items....
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