Suggestion: armor/weapon rack for heroes ONLY

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Suggestion: armor/weapon rack for heroes ONLY

Postby johanwanderer » Tue May 28, 2013 8:26 pm

Instead of manually enable/disable items from a regular armor/weapon rack to spill its contents everywhere on the market's floor for heroes to pick up, can we have a separated armor/weapon rack that:
  • Heroes can equip from
  • Townies cannot equip from
  • Townies can haul to/from

This way, you can smelt those hard earned gold bricks into golden armors and weapons only for the heroes without wasting them on auto-equip some of the townies who may never see combats.

I don't think this can be modded in, as it would require a "notfortownies" or "forheroes" tag, or both.
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