Adventures of Grart, Son of Faror.

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Adventures of Grart, Son of Faror.

Postby LilleOle » Wed May 01, 2013 1:03 am

Grart is one sturdy little dwarf indeed.

While clearing and working my way through layer 6, i hit the remains of a multi story tavern. Structural damage made is so that entry into it was posible, and mayhem followed.
In the rush of heroes instadescending into levels that became accesible down to lvl 12, 8 heroes and 23 townies met their end at the hands of everything from ogres to wolves and snikerites. Or so i thought.

The door was sealed as soon as I became aware of what was happening, to ensure that the mobs wouldnt follow up and further decimate my little town, and I thought no more of it as the months passed on and my townies/heroes replinished.
By chance i scrolled down throught the layers and discovered that somehow large parts of lvl 12 had been explored somehow, even with the door sealed. Looking around for the reason behind this odd exploration, I find Grart mauling down a Snicker.
He is Alive, fighting, well equiped and for some odd reason he hasnt starved to death months after the door was sealed off.(we are talking close to 5 months now!).

One has to wonder what he has been eating down there as to not starve, rocks? Or... Monsters? In any case a guard squad was made for the sole reason of fighting through the monsters that now were camping the other side of the sealed door and head out to rescue the little dwarf. 2 of the guards fell during the battle, the rest only rescued by Grarth suddenly coming up from the lower levels and proceding to chop his way throught the monsters before finding his way to the dining room for some steak.

He must have headed down to the lowest posible level as soon as it became posible to go there as to not get caught up in the mad melee that followed, where he seemingly found himself some silver armour and proceded to do his thing.
Whatever happens in my town from now on, I'll be sure to look after this dwarf, as after what he has been through I'd hate to loose him to a moment of unawareness!
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