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How to build the new zones

Postby alexpoysky » Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:33 am

As you may have noticed, you can now make custom buildings.

In this version the only buildings implemented are the Carpentry, the Masonry, and the Bakery.

The rest operate as usual, and ground must be tilled prior to building a farm of any sort.

In order to make custom buildings you have to make walls. When you first start you don't have any resources, so go ahread and chop down some trees. Make a 3x6 square at least out of log walls, which can be made directly.

Keep in mind that log walls do decay after sometime, so it should be a temporary solution at best.

Once you have the 3x6 square, click on zones, and carpentry. The floor tiles will change and you will see the carpentry floor. You must build the carpenters workbench in order to be able to make any wooden items. Do this by going to utils under the items and place category.

In order to make a masonry you will need to make the mason's table, which needs the advanced carpentry table (wood detailer). These new changes were made to introduce a new level of depth to the game, we hope you like it!


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