Little confused on the direction of patches

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Little confused on the direction of patches

Postby ilmenidren » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:25 pm

I've been playing this game pretty much since it came out on Steam, I've watched it grow in a lot of good ways. But I can't help but feel that certain obvious improvements are being overlooked. Just a fair warning, I might point to certain things that Dwarf Fortress has, but is it really a bad thing?. Anyway, first; The damn barrels. This has got to be the most hindering and frustrating problem I have with this game, why do I have to customize EVERY SINGLE DAMN BARREL!!! and when I try to use zones then put barrels on my customized zone, the barrel just deletes the friggin zone, common sense would dictate that putting a barrel on a zone would not get rid of that zone tile and work the same way they work in DF, where the barrel is just a damn barrel that holds crap, instead of having to customize it.

Secondly, why can't animals just graze for god sake, and if grazing isn't viable, why can't I build some sort of feeding pen, or some sort of centralized feeding system...I feel I am being punished for growing my town and in turn adding more animals to my pastures (or w/e u call the place you store animals).

Last, and possibly the least annoying thing I have with this game, why exactly can't my townies gain skills in the tasks they do, more so relevant to the blacksmithing/weaponsmithing considering I can only dig a laughable 19 levels, and within these levels I can only mine so much of a precious material (which is cool) yet my Ogerite armor or whatnot has got the same stats from the same townie who built it the first time, as he did the 200th time....given I hope some sort of skill system will be not really that big of a deal...

Look, I understand that programming a game takes time/money/luck.....but this game does so much yet still seems lukewarm....considering Dwarf Fortress has been out for what? 10/11 years? and is so damn similar to this, but no of the lessons learned in DF are being used here AT ALL....
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