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Postby Traen » Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:11 am

Aduvis has a really great idea guys. There is a community expansion pack available within your mods section which adds a truly awesome amount of content to the game. They did it for you for free, might be in your best interest to contact them and see about including them in your team, or at least including their content because it brings a lot of good ideas to the table, and with a little polish could add about 30% over night. BTW when's the next patch, really looking forward to gods.... COOL!
Link for Expansion-
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Re: Meet the Team!

Postby Haggy » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:03 pm

Wow, thank you.
I'm a big fan of the game. So I try me on so many different things.
Much of what I installed, things are what others wanted.
But there are really some of what's missing. But I'm confident it will come. And not everything is so great about the Mod.

But if I make a problem, what I really care, may point. There is no damage reduction by armor. This should give it though. A value of the incoming damage by "-?" reduced.

As an example:
I tried with putting a damage reduction mod.
This is not as easy as it first seemed.
One can damage what creatures and weapons impact down gradually. But would reduce the harm caused by armor own "tags" require. Effects than theoretically possible. This is the basis my first attempt. However, the more I work, the more problems emerge. The Monster <Level> 5 </ level> to <Level> 6 </ Level> are weak. In <Level> 8 </ Level> and <Level> 9 </ Level> the damage spikes are too high, even with the reduction mod by me. At least for everything under Item level 20! Maybe I overlooked the division into 11 bit sources. Effects remain as buff persist until a hit is landed. And all the more devastating is the hit. Tragic.

Other ideas are the different Townies. And I'm not just talking about the outward appearances. Among the varied values ​​that were moderately standard already exists, I had (except the last added Moggrys) for most worked up to 4 dents variations in the backbone of the values ​​varied with other components.
So individualized "townies" could be created. By the difference of the races more Varriations values ​​were added.

And I have the same idea as YetiChow and Ericb1800 in terms of multi-items. If you pack the Unifallow on the table, decomposed and more than a meat obtained therefrom.

And in this way could the animals can, the longer they live, give more meat. Are a few more lines, a few more objects, a bit more work ... but it would be worth it, I think.

The idea that requires mining tool, and a townie who works in it (I think it was from Jontis, and newly brought out of Caprontos) I like that.

The problem with the lag on high numbers of citizens have to somehow be resolved, perhaps through increased Cage memory flushes.

The farms switch to objects I find also a good idea, and I like the graphics of Towns + +. Similarly, the separation of male and female animals. If they kill only the bulls, you can use the wonderful milk the cows. But perhaps what's offspring should be not fixed, but to be a random event.

Oh, there are tons of good ideas, but most bite at some point.

Maybe the wrong thread, my opinions made known to do. And I know that my English is hard to understand ... I also do not speak the language .. let alone can write ^ ^
My English is bad. Sorry, but this will not Change.

Schreib einfach in deutsch zurück ;)

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