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Ancient Wonders Contest Entries(Completed)

Postby EnvizionRev » Wed May 08, 2013 3:08 am


Post your entries to the Ancient Wonders Contest here by May 30th for your chance to win these Plushies!


Discussion for the Contest can be found here:

1st Place: Receive One of Each!
2nd Place: Receive Two of Your Choice!
(not two of the same)
3rd Place: Receive One of Your Choice!

You must recreate a REAL ancient wonder/structure that exists, or has existed at one time. Ex: The Hanging Gardens no longer exist, but did at one time.
You have One(1) Month to complete this challenge. We will close the contest on May 30, 2013.
Anyone and everyone can enter! No region restrictions!
Mods are Allowed.
This thread is for entry submission and voting only. Keep discussion to the discussion thread
Voting will begin immediately once the contest closes.
Contest Entrants will vote for themselves on the public poll, and then name their Real vote on their Admission Post. You cannot vote for yourself in your Real vote.
-- Envizion Revelations, Towns Moderator
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby kongering » Fri May 17, 2013 7:07 pm

So here it is, one has to be the first to post I guess:

I proudly present you my vision on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon:

Here's the imgur link to a larger version:
This is the image I used as inspiration:

To get the grass on top I carved down a mountain map.
I had huge help from the following mods: Terraform mod and CreativeModContinuation1_5 for which I thank you modders!
Creative Mod:

It's a real working town inside, with loads of storage rooms (I have tons of mud from carving down mountains) and decorations.


I simply had so much fun I had to do another!

Here's my version of The Pyramids:

And the larger image:
I used this image,, combined with this image, as inspiration for my build.

Since I build this vanilla (except for the terraform mod and spawn townies mod in one occasion ( I had to make sure my townies we're safe, so I've created this entire "simple" sand town to accompany the pyramids!

Here's a video to show the insides of the builds, cause that's where it gets interesting in the pyramids:
and here's a screenie of the "hidden tombs":

My real vote goes to Cathach, the Temple looks amazing and the townies offering made me giggle! Good job :)

Thanks, Kong :)
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby Ghozt » Mon May 20, 2013 11:55 pm

Here are my two Ancient Wonders builds. No mods, just the game as is.

The 'Lighthouse of Alexandria' Egypt (no longer exists)


A shrine area of 'Valley of the Kings' in Egypt



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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby Cathach » Tue May 21, 2013 1:26 pm

I built the Temple of Artemis in Ephesos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After i build a Greek-style temple roof over my market in a previous game, but wasn't really happy with the lower part of the building, i wanted to try again, and the contest is the perfect opportunity.

As a basic building plan, i took the floorplan of the real temple which was drawn by John Turtle Wood who rediscovered the temples remains in 1869. The plan can be found here:

And since the area in front of the temple was used as a market area, i also built some market stands in front of it, so the visitors can buy temple offerings, souvenirs and food.

Here is a small overview of the temple:


And here is a link to a full sized picture so you can see all the details:

This shows the inner temple with the statue of Artemis and some worshippers offering some flowers to the goddess:


The temple was built on a map thas was designed for this building. The temple is 32 tiles high, so i had to create a map with enough space above ground. The maximum number of surface levels seems to be 42, if i go higher the game crashes when creating the map. It has a large area of dense stone on the surface, so i could build mineshafts and get all the building materials without digging into the dungeon. I also made Mineshafts able to mine dirt, sand, silver and gold, and created surface deposits of every resource, so i had enough resources for everything. But it still took a long time to get enough stone for the whole building. I also recolored some tiles so i could build in that white stone style with a ceramic roof.

Hope you like it.

My vote goes to Pibo. I really like how close to the real thing your building is, and how you built the domes in towns style.
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby Badger » Tue May 21, 2013 1:41 pm

A tribute to one of the most iconic great wonders still standing today:



Where badgers battle to their death playing exciting games of capture the flower.

Mods used:
Creative Mod
Spawn Townies
Original Music

My vote goes to: Kongering

Those are some fancy looking pyramids, and I also like the nearby Egyptian city.
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby Tono4ham » Tue May 21, 2013 1:45 pm

Tono4ham's Contest Submissions
Circus Maximus
The insides of the Circus Maximus

Throne Room and kitchen

Royal Dining Room and special guest room's

The barracks and dungeon entrance.

The Circus Maximus Hospital and viewing area for the hanging.
There are more rooms and sections to the Circus Maximus that I created but I cannot post them due to the 5 image per entry rule. I will post them in another thread when I get around to finishing my other entries and post my whole town.
Fun Facts: The chicken pulling the chariot was supposed to be a Skootenbeeten but I ran out of room height wise so I reformed it into a chicken.
There is housing enough for 50 people in the basement under the grandstands.
I used approximately 10k+ Stone for this build. I mined out 6 layers of stone to build it.

Terracotta Army
I was hesitant to submit this entry. Its fairly basic and you need to zoom in to actually grasp the detail of it.
Fun facts: There are approximately 1400 statues in this build.

Both of my entries are made in vanilla apart of my actual village. No mods were used in the making of these wonders. I cannot say the same thing about townies though. Approximately 150 townies died in construction of these magnificent structures and my town. The monument in the middle of the Circus Maximus is dedicated to them.

Alexandria Lighthouse
My Last Last entry
Mods used - Creative
I ran out of time and space in my vanilla village so I had to make this one with creative. I also extended the world height to 63 to fit in this Lighthouse.

My Vote : I vote Cathach because his temple is just beautiful.
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby Pibo » Wed May 22, 2013 9:25 am

My entry: the Taj Mahal

(click on image for full size)

The main structure's height is approximately 38 blocks and 63x63 blocks wide. Used a lot of custom sized blocks to make it a bit more detailed.

Mods used:
- Some adjustments to map generation: height, removed water and hills.
- Creative mod
- My own custom made blocks (included with in the download with the save file)

Download save file + mods:

Vote: I vote for badger, nicely done with those pillars and diagonal blocks for the round part, works really well.
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries

Postby Buster10 » Thu May 30, 2013 3:06 pm

I voted on myself in the poll. My real vote goes to Ghotz because of his 'Valley of Kings'. I really enjoyed the colours of the build, and the simplicity of it was something I liked! I choose this, because I think it's sometimes more impressing building something small, instead of big (something I myself should try to follow sometimes..). I'm also hoping that in the future, we will have a contest where the theme is simply 'go small'!

Click for a detailed picture

THE TERRACE (first floor)

Click for a detailed picture

My version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon has three floors, and it’s built like a wedding cake. The bottom floor, or the first floor, is the terrace. This is where most of the plants are situated. The second floor is lifted by pillars from the first floor, which gives shade underneath on the first floor. The blue tower in the water is the Queen’s apartment. She can stay there and watch the Gardens move from afar.

This was a creative build, and I modded a lot of items in order to make this happen. I also made new textures, to fit the sandstone-theme. The stair, pillar, bonsai trees and flowerpots are all somewhat new textures. The river was expanded, and the island on the right side of the garden is man-made. All the trees and dirtblocks are fakes, so that I didn't have to use a mountain (there really wasn't one to begin with).

From Daniel
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Re: Ancient Wonders Contest Entries(Voting Open)

Postby YetiChow » Fri May 31, 2013 5:26 am

Gah... I just missed the deadline on this one :cry:

However, rules are rules and it's my own fault - I should have got my entry in sooner. I won't ask Rev to call a re-vote just because I underestimated the amount of traffic on the way home to post this...

Anyway, here's what I would have entered if I'd made the deadline. Obviously it's not what I said I'd be doing, but in the middle of last night I realised it would be impossible to finish making the Shrine and gardens in time, plus there was the small matter of 90% of my workers starving and leaving an army of ghosts to be cleaned up... Inspired by a half-joke-half-chellenge in the Ancient Wonders list that EnvizionREv posted, I was decided to create this: my take on the Leaning Tower of Pisa


It's subtle, but all of the columns actually slant by 3-4 degrees, exactly like the real building. To help show the lean I also 'shifted' the position of the comlumns from the ground floor to the right by 1 block, although all the floors from then on are in line. Most of the images of the real Tower are greatly exaggerated, looking back from a distance it's actually not leaning by very much at all. The isometric angled perspective of Towns doesn't help either, TBH... Obviously it's not as tall in scale as the real one, but the idea was more to show the slant than to make a really great entry - I was rather pressed for time, after all.

As you can see, the whole project was done with the 11 starting townies in less than a month - add about as much time again for pausing (most of the floors were layed out in 'real time', but I did a lot of pausing and deleting when things were misplaced/dropped/drastically changed). I probably should have spent more time tidying up the shadows on the La Pedra columns, but I don't even know where they came from so IDK how long it would have taken :lol:

Mods: ho boy, where to start? A home cooked creative mod (basically just making all the blocks and items free), Pibo's Taj Mahal mod (thanks for the trees, diagonal blocks and railings :)), and of course there were subtle graphical tweaks to the La Pedra walls which make up the coloumns.

Best of luck to the entrants, and for the record I voted for Buster10 - mostly due to the subtle use of mods to make everything tie together better.
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