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[v14] Silver's Worlds

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:04 am
by SilverChiren
I've been playing with modding stuff for a few months now, tweaking vanilla things and other mods to work better together, and customizing the game to my liking, however I've found that only one part of modding stands out and is great fun for me to do. Map generation. Of course I've noticed this is also something that quite a few people already do here, I wanted to be rather unique. Almost all of the world types I've seen here in these mods only try to make existing world types easier for players, better for building, or just plain nicer looking. Of course there is that one with the as of yet unswampy swamp, and the scattered islands, but those seem unpolished and probably need more resources available and time to get better. I've decided to put my own skill into this field to provide new and challenging worlds with existing resources to give players some new terrain to look at when starting a new town. So far not much to see here, however I have tested and played my worlds and believe them to be fair and balanced and on par with vanilla worlds. Essentially there are three different world types here, with one of them having two variants.

First off, as you can see, is a wide rolling plain, and relatively flat grassland. You may think there's not much to see here, but you would be surprised how tough it can be starting out with so little wood and food around. There are always going to be a small number of trees, but wood will be severely limited until you establish a logging farm, and the only viable food source until you get caravans or iron is wheat and sugar for bread and cakes. There will also always be a small pond for the sake of farming wheat and maybe fishing if you'd like to take the time. You may also be considering the fact that risk of starvation is the only thing out to kill your fresh, untouched townies but you would be WRONG to think so. You see, Tree Keepers tend to be rather upset when trees start to die out, and with so few to begin with it is easy to upset them. On average, one in six trees will spring up and try to dismember you. Consider yourself warned.

Oh yeah, that pesky werepig is still around. Watch out for him too.

Next up is the exact polar opposite of the first. Heavily forested woodlands. where this makes up in food and resources, it lacks in space to set up camp. Yeah there are small clearings here and there, but I wanted to be a jerk to those who enjoy open areas to put their castles. Kind of easy mode here, only about one in every couple hundred trees will want to remove your internal organs, and there's little else to speak of in the area of hostiles. There are also small collections of fruit trees scattered about, for more variety and easier early game eatings. The two variants, Woodlands and Piney Woods, have perfectly identical code behind them with the exception of the ground and trees both being changed to pine rather than standard. There are no flowers for people who like coloring things, so you will have to buy your dyes from slimes or merchants. Oh yeah, and there's also lots of hills and a river cluttering up the place as if there wasn't enough trees doing that job already. Not really much more of a challenge than vanilla would be, just a different landscape to look at.

Newly available, is the orchard! Again this one seems pretty easy at first, not many dangers on the surface. What I hope you will find, though, is that despite fruit trees and flowers being all over the place, normal trees and wheat can not be found. The terrain itself is rather unique. The edges of the map are flat and treeless, while towards the center is rough and hilly, and absolutely covered with flowers and fruit trees. There's no river, but ponds provide a bit of water. The challenge here is mostly about getting by on just fruit while waiting for your first food caravan to buy some wheat from, while at the same time having to use your fruit supplies to acquire lumber with which to build tools. As far as monsters go, you probably won't need to take up arms until you get sieges or open the dungeon.

To download: ...

To install: Same with all v12+ mod manager mods. Find the .towns directory in your documents folder, and unzip the mod in your mods folder there. Simple and easy!

Suggestions, complaints, requests, praise, and blatant trolly flaming all go here, feel free to hit me with any words you may have.

Re: [v12] Silver's Worlds 1.0

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:20 am
by Sanzul
Looks interesting. Oddly enough, both the open plains and the deep forests feel more like "home" than the vanilla in-between variant.

Re: [v14] Silver's Worlds

PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 4:01 am
by SilverChiren
Updated to v14, with day/night cycles and a new map type.