[RM] Realism Mod (v0.11)

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[RM] Realism Mod (v0.11)

Postby Varsh » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:03 pm

Realism Mod is a total conversion of the game Towns. The aim of this project is to move away from the fantasy type world and into the more real life world. For a break down of what the total conversion will include it's the following:
  • New terrain tiles that are based on various rocks
  • Refining rocks into elements
  • Having electricity to power machinery
  • Adding firearms such as guns
  • Replace the fantasy monsters with wildlife
  • Various gameplay balancing
  • New building blocks and roof tiles
  • New zones
There is a lot more planned and the mod will be modular meaning that you can turn certain mods on and off if you wish. There will be some mods that will be required to work together, in that regards you will be forewarned in the readme's when this is the case.

To install Realism Mod copy all of the mods to your "%userprofile%/.towns/mods/" directory. I do not know where they would go for Linux or Mac users.

The mod will be updated at the following site:

Currently released:
  • Grow All
  • Mud Blocks
Mods - Realism Mod (will be added soon)
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