[13a] More Storables v1

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[13a] More Storables v1

Postby Neurotoxin » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:03 am

If you're like me, you hate clutter and like storing things in an organized manner. I mean sure, it doesn't make sense to put a desk in a barrel/chest but neither does storing 10 wood in a barrel the size of 3 wood pieces. If you need to make sense of it, just assume you disassembled the desk and you're storing the pieces (think brand new store bought box 1/4 the size of the actual desk assembled).

This mod just makes all utility or furniture or both types of items storable in their respective barrels. Well, not all. I left out the ladders/stairs as I didn't see much need to store those. Future updates I intend to include wall pieces (maybe in their own storage with roofs) and make bushes harvestable/storable. I realize a few bits of furniture are missing (windows, maybe more) and those will be included in a future update. The reason some things are missing is that they aren't <type> tagged in the base xmls. This mod just went and made things with util or furniture type tags stackable, which allows them to store in chests/barrels. Download links are below the screenshots. I wish there were spoiler tags on this forum to hide the screens unless you wanted to see them :/


The downloads are modular, as in, separated for simplicity. If you want just storable furniture download "Storable Furniture", if you want storable utils download "Storable Utils". If you want all storables download "More Storables v1".

Storable Furniture

Storable Utils

More Storables v1
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