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FAQ's - Please READ!

Postby tom k. » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:10 am

Ok, this is a list of common questions, and their solutions. If you have a problem, please look here first as the question has likely been asked before! :)

Is towns a multiplayer game?
  • No, at this time Towns is single player only

How do I update?
  • Updating is dependant on the platform you bought the game from.
    • BMT Micro - Please look in the email sent to you by BMT Micro when you purchased the game. The link in there will be the link used to update your game every time a new version is released.
    • Desura/Gamers Gate - You can update these through the client. There will be an option there to do so.
    • Desura (Standalone versions) - Login to desura > click your name, taking you to your profile > click "Games" > click "Towns" > click "play game" > click "Standalone versions" > choose the version you want. Video Tutorial
    • Steam - Steam will automatically update the game when an update is released.

I get a "Java unable to access..." error
  • This is caused because you haven't extracted the game client from the zip you downloaded (for standalone only versions). You must first extract the game to a folder (such as one in C:\Program files (Windows), or /Users/{Username}/Documents (Mac/Linux)). Then run the file from there.

How do I run the game on Mac?
  • After downloading the Mac version of the game and extracting it, double click on "towns.command". This will launch the game

On Mac I get a Terminal window behind the game?
  • This is normal, when you quit Towns, this terminal windows will dissapear. Leave it running at all times when playing, as it acts as the launcher for the mac game.

Every time I open the game, I lose my save progress!!?
  • When loading the game and clicking "Play Towns", you are given the option to choose a map type. After choosing the type, click "Continue Game" instead of "Start new game". A game save manager is planned for future versions. You can tell which map types have been played on, because their text colour is yellow (as opposed to white for those that are as of yet unplayed).

Where is Towns' save data stored?
  • Towns save data is stored in the following places (with {user} being your username):
    • Windows (XP) - C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\.towns\save\
    • Windows (7/Vista) - C:\Users\{user}\.towns\save
    • Mac - /Users/{user}/.towns/save
    • Linux - /home/{user}/.towns/save

The game keeps crashing, and I get an error regarding "C [atio6axx.dll+0x2b13a0]"!
  • This can be solved by following the instructions in this thread to get the newest drivers for your ATI card.

There are white squares where there should be graphics (EG the minimap)
  • This is a driver issue, please refer to the KNOWN ISSUES post in the bug reports section.

Are savegames compatible between versions?
  • As a general rule NO. Due to the significant number of changes between alpha versions, game saves are not compatible between versions.
  • Exceptions to this rule:
    • 0.45 -> 0.45a
    • All versions above v9

I purchased through the main site/BMT Micro, and I've lost my password/deleted my email! How do I get my download?

I will add to these as more common issues come up :)
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