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Help with animations

Postby sonepoxy2015 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:37 am

small variations in the pixels to make it look more realistic. theoretically can have everything up to 16 images as executable, but would mean a lot of expense. So when they "64x?" is. it is smaller, go even more. 1024 pixels in the x-axis, 1024 pixels in the y-wide. to animate all in one column. now when you use 48 pixels in width would with decorations and so, this could be even more sophisticated. Townies at that would not bring much, these are designed for 64 wide. 8 images with my portals were necessary so that they rotate properly. when set the pixels to considerable controversy, you need to increase the tempo, how often the pictures change, otherwise it twitches. However, if you let it go too fast, there is half an unwanted movements. You should always weigh from one to the other object / living.

And sometimes less is better.
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