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Basic help.

Postby SoftKitnz » Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:32 pm

I'm finding a lot of the tutorial instructions for this game hard to understand. In the first tutorial it mentions to press the chop button but if you look around the screen there is no boxes labled to do chopping with. Only after being very frustrated did I figure out there were 3 different pop out menus. This would have been helpful to know instead now I feel like an idiot. So I finished the frist one and moved to the second. Got the chopping part done then is says to build a carpentry buy using log walls. Well when you click on log walls there is like 4 options for walls and scaffolding. Which one am I suposd to choose. That part was tottaly left of out the discription. The only one I can get to zone is the scafolding but none of the buildings will let me place a carpenters bench on any of them. Zoned or not. Now what? It would really help if your explanations for the tutorials was much more specific. I'm starting to regret buying this and being frustrated every time I play with small but important details being left out of the descriptions. And another thing. When I do the 5 by 5 it fills in the whole space. There is no room, only one large 5 by 5 block totally packed in. Is it just me or are others confused by the instructions as well? Is there more detailed or clear instructions to read somewhere, otherwise I've bought a game I can't play and waisted my money.
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Re: Basic help.

Postby caprontos » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:02 pm

Yes the tutorial is hard to understand.. it was written more for version .42 then current... This is something they are going to update in the coming updates after v14 is done.. (can read here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10615 if you want).

.. If you mouse over things in the left and right menu... it does tell you if the item needs a zone.. what utilities it needs and what items it needs... like this:


Blue box is any utilities it needs to be built..
Red box are the items you need to build it..
Green box is the zone it needs to be built on if any

As for which wall I don't think it matters in that tutorial the idea was just to build walls around the zone (reading it now is confusing to me to)..

If you click the bottom menu open one of the tabs is a zones tab, need to find the carpentry one (first in the list) and place it anywhere (needs be a 3x3).. and you can then build the carpentry bench and wood detailer on that.

If you look at the bottom when you press f1 only things listed have to be done but it doesn't do the best job at saying how to build..

Here are a few how to build guides if you want:
Mine from .50b (still applies)

Towns wiki:

A fan site:

They will help better then the tutorial on that..

I think that maybe covers your issues for the moment? Sorry if I missed some..
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Re: Basic help.

Postby SoftKitnz » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:36 am

thank you very much. I will look over this in the morning.
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