Zone, barrels, people

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Zone, barrels, people

Postby smolek1980 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:12 am

Hi all :)

Sorry - my english is not very good so i will be try explain what i have on my mind.

Version v8 - i create Carpenters near till ground and i put there tree and i builded zone with only accept wood and near zone i build in building carpenter barrels - when chop trees all people later take wood to zone and barrles but zone is bigger to get more and fast wood and take from zone to barrel wood fastest.

version v9 - people dont do it jhust put on zone stay and only 4 barrels = 4 people take wood there ?

Why that was a chnaged ? zone materials ----> barrels material

Is any idea how to change it or how do it - more people can put materials on one barrel ?

Thnx for reply
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Re: Zone, barrels, people

Postby Reyito » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:45 pm

I believe, in V9, people will no longer move items from a "zone" (stockpile) to a barrel.

Now there is no need to make the stockpile (zone) at all. If you still want to... just delte the zone once the wood is in place, and your citizens will move it to the barrel. Then remake the zone.

The change was put in, because with job managment, it was ridiculous to run wood to a stock pile, drop it, have someone else come get it, and then take it to what in essence was just another stock pile.
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