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Re: Towns 0.50 Getting started Mini guides

Postby jesseflowers0488 » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:17 am

caprontos wrote:
jesseflowers0488 wrote:Quick Question:

Explain the Plus and Minus buttons on the production menu. Why is there two sides?

The Left side (blue box) is the build this many one time side.

The right side (red box) is always keep this many in stock side.

So if you want the townies to make 10 breads, you plus up the left one 10 times.

If you want your townies to always have 10 bread in stock (assuming materials available and time and all that) - plus up the right side to 10.

Thank you so much!

Thanks again,
Jesse Flowers
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Re: Towns 0.50 Getting started Mini guides

Postby Guccio » Sun May 05, 2013 9:44 am

Studnia wrote:Can someone give me a little tip, about building roof's?

When you already have walls just select Roof from Building/Roofs menu on right side of screen and mark construction site over existing walls.

When Townies gonna finish that part just mark construction site on next row/line and so on and on.

Things you have to remember:
1. Construct scaffolds to allow you Townies to get on roof and get down from roof. If they stuck they gonna starve to death. :shock:
2. Roof cant be constructed directly over windows, you always have to place some kind of wall/block over window. But Roof can be build over door.
I hope I make myself clear.
I appologize for errors, but English isn't my first language.
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