Started up a roast-based town, went exceedingly well.

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Started up a roast-based town, went exceedingly well.

Postby Aftermath » Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:40 am

Hey all, I started playing again last week and after stagnating around 50 townies subsisting on bread, read some of the tips on the forums (esp YetiChow's) and started to overhaul my food production. I started to switch more toward the meat-based foods and favoring fill %, eventually realizing that going Roast-only seemed pretty viable. My goal was to have as large of a standing army as possible, since I got the urge to play after re-reading Guns, Germs, and Steel (which coincidentally enough burningpet cited as a big influence on the game), and currently I have it sitting rather comfortably with a 1:1 ratio and 366 population. The post-dungeon idea was to use seiges to gather the rare ITEs and keep equipping the patrols, but the seiges aren't really getting tougher, just larger in size, although the heroes and tower defense I have set up have dealt with everything so far. I've deviated from some of the advice here so far, since the town isn't all that centralized anymore, a repeat of this idea with more forethought could have it be more successful potentially, but I was quite surprised at just how sustainable roasts are for a giant (to me) population.

I currently have 6 different kitchens set up, the first two on the main level are probably the busiest.

Then 3/4/5 somewhat directly below that. Off to the right it's not very busy at all, I'm guessing the tasks for cooking follow the same location priority as mining (left to right). The 6th kitchen is generally dead since it's a floor lower still. I've never seen the roasts hit the amount I set, although I've had more than 50 townies working on them concurrently before. It seems to keep up, I've never seen more than 1-2 cooked fish used.

There are a lot of farms at this point. I've walled off about half of the map, and maybe a quarter of total map space is filled with farms, although I'm just starting expansion above the river. I have the townies trying to get 70 of each meat, but it hovers around 40-50 with ~10 "currently working". The long haul distances don't seem to make much difference, but as you can see, I try way too hard with roads wherever there's a non-farmable gap.

My line of patrol soldiers, more than 150 at the moment. Just behind them are 20 archers with the leftover gold/silver bows I got from dungeon resources. Not quite "Hammer and Anvil" since many are in Iron/Spiderite, but it's seemed to work the times I had to send them out.

A lot of the traps are randomly thrown together, but since I took over a lot of the map and had a pretty good seed, I'm able to funnel every siege through a pretty long set of obstacles which wipes most everything out. There's also a consistent bug with being in a trap and attacking at a diagonal, the monsters and hero/townie won't deal damage, but the trap will kill everything over time. I'm sure it's just because there's over a thousand enemies per siege and the game lags pretty hard. If pathfinding isn't at 6 the enemies don't even move.

Thanks for looking. I was a little disappointed that after not playing for a year there hadn't been any updates, but I've been able to have enough fun with the game as is, so no real complaints here. I'll probably try out some of the mods to do deeper floors, although for this save the only modded thing was to activate the "ghosts from other kingdoms" event, since that seemed interesting (it wasn't).

Edit: Oh yeah, this is what my announcement pages generally looks like:

Whichever animal isn't dying needs more farms until they do start dying.
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Re: Started up a roast-based town, went exceedingly well.

Postby YetiChow » Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:54 am

Wow, that's a really impressive town - especially since you "experimented" with different styles to find one that suited you, rather than min/maxing just the one.

If you want to repeated that project, next time consider "modular" towns - have a few basic modules in mind (crafting hub, dormitory module, animal farm section, crop section etc.), start with the essential modules in the middle of the map, and as you need to expand just put more farms, dorms etc. with all of your modules pre-placed/marked out. That way you can put only 1 or 2 utils in the modules to start, and fill up the "core" modules as needed, without worrying about where you'll put the farms etc. Keep everything to a rough grid (say 10x10 modules with roads between them) and minimise cross-paths (i.e. make it so that your road network looks like the spokes of a wheel), and even with 300+ townies and thousand-strong sieges you'll cut down the lag a little bit :)
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