Moving stuff without overlap

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Moving stuff without overlap

Postby gekkobear » Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:35 pm

Haven't been playing long; but here's something I wish I knew before now.

I tend to do a "temporary" town, and move to a more robust town later (not upgrading my starting place, just building a new larger town and moving everyone and everything in with a vast move). Which is how I found this out.

1) Once wheat has been harvested, the seedling can be unlocked and moved. So 1 unharvested wheat can actually plant 2 spots (harvest, move seedling, turn harvest wheat into seed, plant).
This does remove it from the old location (so it wouldn't help planting a larger farm and hoping to leave it where it was).

2) To avoid the "overlapping placement" issues. Try the following.
Pause the game.
Unlock everything of the type to be moved (i.e. unlock every chair in your old dining room).
Place 1 item ("make" 1 chair).
Unpause for half a second, re-pause.
place the next item ("make" 1 chair).
Unpause for half a second, re-pause.
place the next item ("make" 1 chair).
Use shift-click to make multiple items (unpausing between each one).

Moving one item type at a time (all beds, all chairs, all harps, whatever) this doesn't take too long, and avoids the "two people try to place in the same spot, one fails, then they make a new one" issue.
I moved 20 chairs from my old to new dining room without any overlap with this.

This also seems to work well for buying multiple items from a caravan and getting them placed cleanly.
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