A temple in the jungle

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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:09 am

I awoke on my cot in the bamboo hut after a restless night of sleep. The sun was coming through the window and I could hear the sound of a hammer on metal coming from outside. I slowly stood up. All the other beds were occupied. I even saw Ysmay sleeping not too far from where I had slept. Her wooden mask hung off the side of her bed.

I recalled the events of yesterday. The fighting with the goblins, the death of two friends. The discovery of Ysmay dancing in the jungle. The ghost. I had to get out of here. I quietly walked out of the bamboo hut and into the camp.

I saw Hadron hard at work at his anvil. From here, it appeared that he was making a sword, however the metal that he was working with seemed strange. I walked over to him to see what he was up to.

“Good morning, Walter, “ he said as I walked up. “Would you do me a favor. Will you grab a spiderite orb from that chest over there?”

I opened the chest he had pointed to and pulled out one of the glowing red orbs of spiderite. Because it glowed, I expected it to be warm to the touch, but it was actually cold. I brought it over to Hadron.

“Watch this.” He took the spiderite from me and placed it on the anvil with the sword that he was working on. He started to hammer the red spiderite into the sword as if it were an iron ingot. He kept hammering until the orb had melded into the rest of the blade. I watched as he hammered it into shape then put the blade into water to cool it.

“It’s stronger than a regular iron blade. I wasn’t really sure how to do it at first. I thought that the spiderite was used to enchant the weapon, like with magic. But the spiderite actually works like a metal. It’s a fantastic material.” He placed the weapon on a rack to finish cooling and pulled out another sword and handed it to me. “I made this one earlier. It’s lighter then what you have now.” The spiderite sword was well balanced and did feel lighter then my iron sword. “It’s yours if you want it. I made a few of them yesterday. Enough for all the soldiers.”

I was very appreciative of his efforts, then I remembered our fight with the goblins yesterday. “Hadron, the goblins we killed yesterday in the tunnels left behind some green orbs that looked like the spiderite. Do you think you can make weapons out of it?”

“Bring me some and I’ll see. I’m going try making some armor out of the spiderite that we have left. If I’m right about it, it should be lighter and more protective then the iron armor. If there’s goblins down below, we’re going to need all the protection we can get.”

I left the smith to finish working and walked across the river to the hill. I was starving and wanted something to eat. I also wanted to see Amelia. I hadn’t seen her since coming up from the quarry the day before. I found her in the kitchen ordering the other cooks about in prepration of the day’s meal. She saw me walk in and came over giving me a hug. I asked if we could go somewhere more quiet. She looked around, gave a few more orders, then lead me outside. More people were starting to move about this morning, but it was still relatively quiet.

“Amelia, I’m worried.”

“I know Walter. The goblins are not a good sign. You don’t think they are going to attack us up here do you?”

“ I don’t know.” I hesitated, not sure if I should tell her about what I had witnessed last night. I wanted to, but I no longer wanted to talk about Ysmay with her.

“Walter!” I looked up. It was Ysmay. She was walking towards Amelia and I. Did she know that it was me in the jungle last night? “Is there any sign of the elf yet?”

I shook my head no. “Once the others wake up, I’m going to go look for them.”

“Have Emeline lead the group. I need you to do something for me.” Oh no, she knew. “You’ll probably need help. Bring Rose as well.” My heart skipped a beat. Me and Rose? She knew.

“What is it that you need?” She was going to use magic to silence us.

Ysmay smiled. “Just some help. Come find me later this morning.” She went upstairs, probably to get something to eat. She probably needed a full stomach to work her evil magic on Rose and I.

Amelia was holding my hand. “Walter, what’s wrong. Your shaking.” My hand was shaking.

“It’s nothing.” I held her close to me, not wanting to let go. Finally one of the cooks came out to find her and she had to go to settle a dispute over bananas. I followed her inside and she handed me a baked banana. I ate it while walking back to the camp. I found Emeline, Rose, and the other guards standing outside the entrace to the wall. They were all carrying their new spiderite blades. I told Emiline that Ysmay wanted her to take the others to go into the quarry and find Sir Borin, Jury, and Auldaeil.

When they were out of earshot, Rose whispered, “Does she know that it was you and me in the jungle last night? Does she know we saw her summon the ghost?”

“She didn’t say anything about it.”

“Of course she didn’t, Walter. She sent everyone else who knows anything about how to handle a weapon into the quarry and told you and me to come find her. She’s probably hiding out in the jungle. We’re going to find her and she’s going to summon an army of ghosts to rip us apart.”

“Rose, you don’t know that. She might not even…”

“What’s going to happen then? Do you know? I’ll tell you, Walter. We’re going to be the ghosts. You and me.”

“Rose, calm down.”

“Calm down? Are you serious? She’s going to kill us then make our ghosts come alive. That’s not going to happen to me. I’m not going.”

“ROSE! CALM DOWN!” I grabbed ahold of her. She stopped and looked at me. I could see the fear in her eyes. “Listen. We don’t know that she knows it was us. We don’t even know that she summoned the ghost. It might have just happened. We don’t know what we saw. But, if she did work some dark magic to summon a ghost, and she doesn’t know that we were the ones who saw her, then us not showing up is going to look suspicous.”

She listened and nodded while I spoke.

“She might just want us to escort her while she gathers more herbs from the jungle. In case goblins show up.”

“She didn’t care about goblins last night while she was summoning ghosts.”

She had a point, but ignored her. “lets go find her. If she tries anything, well, there are two of us.”

We started to walk back towards the hill to find Ysmay. Rose was muttering the entire time about ghosts and promised to haunt me if I was wrong about this. I hoped that I wasn’t wrong. An eternity of Rose’s ghost saying “I told you so,” was not very appealing.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:17 pm

I spotted Ysmay standing halfway up the steps on the hill. I put on a brave face, told Rose to try and look relaxed, and walked towards them. I saw that there were five people standing with her. I saw Catherine was among them, but I did not know the other four. I wondered if the two that were with Ysmay last night wearing the wooden masks were part of the group.

“She won’t kill us with all these people watching, “ I whispered to Rose.

“You sure about that? It would be a good show of her powers if she did.”

Ysmay looked in our direction, and the five that were with her also looked at us.

“She brought an army to kill us in case her magic isn’t enough. I wish Sir Borin were here,” Rose whispered.

“Walter, Rose. Good timing.” Ysmay called out to us. We walked up and stood with her on the steps.”

“What did you need our help with?” I asked her.

“Well, as you know, you and the other guards are having to patrol a large area between our buildings on this side of the river and our camp. Until we finish our new building and can move everyone over to this side of the river, I worry that it might be challenging to defend such a large area with so few. Also we face threats from above and now with the goblins below us, and with our unfortunate events yesterday, I thought we should have more guards.”

More guards. Maybe she didn’t know that Rose and I were the ones who saw her yesterday.

“Sir Borin speaks highly of Rose’s abilities and you are our captain of the guard. I thought it fitting that you train this group. They volunteered after hearing about the goblins below to train to be guards.”

“That’s all you need? You want us to train them?”

“Yes, you can handle that, right?”

I nodded yes and Ysmay walked away. Leaving Rose and I to train this group. She and I looked at each other, the look of relief was clear on her face. I introduced myself to those I didn’t know. Our group consisted of Geoffrey, Alice, Rulf, Sadon, and Catherine.

Rose frowned at the group. “All right you worthless bags of burningpet excriment, it’s our job to show you how to fight the goblins so that you can maybe kill or two before they kill you.”

I couldn’t help but smile as she spoke. She sounded just like Sir Borin did when he started training us. After a long winded lecture on how this was a complete waste of our time, Rose had the group start practicing by mock fighting each other with their wooden swords. They were terrible. They tripped all over each other and it was painful to watch. I hoped that we weren’t this bad when Sir Borin started with us.
We practiced while into the afternoon before dismissing the group. We told them to get some rest because we would be starting again first thing in the morning. Rose and I sat down on the steps. There was still no sign of the group that had ventured into the quarry. I wondered if everyone was okay. I went over to the quarry to check with Tybalt to see if his miners had run into any other creatures.

“Nope, no sign of them yet, Walter. I told my boys to be careful down there. We’ve hauled up a lot of stone already. If you want, I can tell everyone sto stop mining and we go down and help look.”

“Thanks, but I don’t’ want anyone else at risk. I’m sure they’ll come up.”

“WALTER!” I heard a nearby voice cry out. “ Spiders are in the jungle!”

Of course they were. Everyone who was worth anything in a fight was underground. I looked around for Rose. She was running over with her sword already drawn. The spiders emerged from the trees. I quickly looked around but it was only Rose and I who were here to fight the spiders. We stood side by side, our red spiderite swords drawn, determined not to let the spiders past us. The spiders attacked with their many legs and claws and fangs. Yet they were no match for our spiderite blades. We cleaved through them as easily as we might a green slime. Spider limbs flew through the air. By now, others were joining in the battle with their bamboo spears and wooden swords. Even Ysmay with her magical wand was firing bolts of light at the creatures.

As we were fighting, a ball of fire flew from the trees at the spiders. Everyone jumped back away from the blaze. A putrid smell filled the air as the flames moved quickly over the pile of dead spiders. I looked around unsure of what just happened. Within moments I found the source of the fire. A stranger appeared wearing robes and holding a wand.

“That was fantastic,” said the stranger.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:45 pm

The battle with the spiders was over quickly and no one seemed to be injurered. Neither Rose nor I had even a scratch from bearing the brunt of the spider’s attacks. Our iron armor and spiderite swords had served as well, and I looked forward to Hadron being able to craft us suits of spiderite armor.

All eyes were now on the stranger who had incenerated the spiders with a ball of fire. He seemed very excited.

“Hello there,” I said. “My name is Walter. Who are you?”

"I’m Sips. This is fantastic,” he said looking around at us and what we had built. We welcomed the newcomer into the group and everyone introduced themselves. He claimed that he was not fleeing a goblin attack, and in fact had not seen any goblins on his journey, and he was just exploring and adventuring.

As we were talking with Sips, Emeline and her search group emerged from the quarry. We watched as one by one they climbed up the ladder. Everyone who had left with her this morning returned, but there was no sign of Sir Borin, Jury, or Auldaeil. We decided that we would all eat something and then return to the tunnels to look more for our missing heroes. Sips had even offered to come along to help.

Emeline told us how they had been searching through the halls and had run into several groups of goblins and spiders. They found traces of the knight, barbarian and elf, mostly in the form of

I decided to go check on Hadron to see if any progress had been made on the spiderite armor. I didn’t know what we were going to run into down there, and any additional protection I could get would be welcome. As I was walking toward the bridge, Sips stopped me.

“Walter, I need to make camp before we head down.”

“We’ve already made camp. Come along, I’ll show you.”

I crossed the bridge and he saw our watch tower in the distance. As we got closer, our wooden palisade built around the camp came into view. We entered through the gate and he saw our forge and covered work areas and bamboo huts that many of us were still sleeping in. I let him know there was a spare bed in one of them that he could use. I neglected to mention that that spare bed had belonged to Gilthion before he had died at the hands of the goblins. While Sips was settling into camp, I went to talk to Hadron about the spiderite.

Hadron told me that he was running out of supplies to make the armor. We had plenty of spiderite. Tybalt’s miners were constantly hauling spiderite up from below when they weren’t busy mining stone for our building. He estimated that we had enough spiderite to make a set of armor for everyone here if they wanted one. What we were lacking was iron. We needed more of it if we were going to be able to produce enough equipment using the spiderite.

I returned to the quarry. As I got closer, I saw everyone standing around with their weapons drawn. I ran to get there faster. When I reached the group, I found everyone circled around the body of a goblin.

“It followed us.” Said Sir Borin, who was standing next to Auldaeil and Jury. All three of them looked pretty beat up. “Come we have much to discuss.” They walked up the steps to the dining room. Everyone followed waiting to hear what the knight had to say.

Sir Borin, Auldaeil, and Jury told told the whole group of their battles in the underground. Apparently it was a maze of tunnels down there and it was easy to get turned around and lose one’s sense of direction. They had also run into several patrols of goblins. Based on what they were seeing, these goblins were not part of the horde that was moving across the land destroying anything that stood in their path. Through observation and some rather forceful questioning of a goblin or two, they had determined that this group of goblins lived in the caves and tunnels below. They’d also apparently had no idea we were up here until we broke through into their caves. Unfortunately, now that they knew about us, we would have to fight them. It was not in the goblin’s nature to let human’s live, especially nearby, and especially when they knew they outnumbered us.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:45 am

The threat of the goblins gave everyone a renewed sense of purpose and urgancy over the next few weeks. Ysmay had used the news as an opportunity to work the group into a frenzy. She told everyone that our adventurers would take the fight down below to the goblins, which the elf, knight, rogue, barbarian, and mage were all to happy to do. She let everyone know that I was in charge of the guards and we were training more so we could deal with any dangers that presented themselves. And most importantly, we needed to focus on bulding our second building so that we could get everyone living in the same area again. She of course left out the part where we needed to practice strange rituals in the darkness to summon ghosts.

Brom had designed our second building to serve as a living quarters for many more people then our first building. He estimated that it would easily fit about fifty people, and since our numbers were continuing to grow, we needed it to house as many people as we could. It would also contain a small dining area, some workspaces, storage, and maybe even an area for a tavern. The plan also called for it to rise high above the trees, higher even then our first building, which would allow us to effectively abandon our watch tower and everything else in the old camp. Brom had asked Tybalt and the miners to clear out a large area and dig out an area for the foundation of our new building.


While the construction continued, Rose took over the training of the new recruits. With the discovery of the troubles below, Sir Borin had decided that he had better things to do then train the useless goblin fodder when he could be cleaving his way through the goblins themselves. I had decided that it would be most effective to split the guards into two groups. Rose would continue training the recruits in the camp. This minimized the need to patrol both areas since her group was there and could be put into actions if danger approached from that side. Emeline was to take the lead of the more seasoned guards. They made regular forays into the tunnels to fight the goblins. Hadron had even crafted Emeline’s entire team armor and swords made of Spiderite. For Emeline, he had crafted her a green spear infused with the green orbs that came from killing the goblins.

Our little settlement was even attracting the attention of the merchant community. The rumors were still spreading that there was a massive army in the jungle that was engaging the goblin hordes. And while we didn’t meet their expectations, they were all too happy to trade with us. We traded for leather, gold, other materials, pigs, and weapons. I had even purchased a blank leather bound book for myself.

Life was pretty good in the jungle. I hoped things stayed that way
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:11 am

Time went by and our growing numbers and fortunate lack of spider attacks allowed us to make a lot of progress on our second building. So much progress that Brom expected it to be done in the next day or two so that we could start moving in about a week before he planned. Anastas and Fendril had been busy making more furniture so that once everyone was settled in, it would be quite comfortable.


Everyone was looking forward to it’s completion. Alice had taken over for Brom in supervising it’s construction. Ysmay had asked Brom to start designing another set of buildings. The new buildings would include a new masonry workshop where Brom and Alice could oversee construction of all of our future projects. They also wanted to give Anastas and Fendril a proper carpentry workshop. A third building would house a forge and armory, so that Hadron could continue creating weapons and enchanting them with the spiderites and goblinites that were being hauled up from the quarry.

Since Emeline and Rose had assumed responsibility for their respective groups of soldiers, I was starting to find that I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I spent a lot of time in the dining room, catching glimpses of Amelia through the doorway while she worked. She would come out and sit with me and talk when she had time, but keeping over sixty people fed took a lot of organization and time. It was rare that we had more then a few minutes together during the day.

Finally the day that everyone had been working towards had arrived. The building would be completed tomorrow and we could start moving in. It was decided that tonight we would hold a feast in the dining hall. At what a feast it was. We enjoyed fresh salad made from blue radishes from the jungle, succulant roast pig and of course Amelia’s baked bananas.

Forthwind was entertaining us with stories of adventure and plundering the goblins below. There was singing. There was dancing. Everyone was having a grand time. We had earned it after all of our struggles and hard work.

I was sitting with Amelia. The two of us were talking about all that had been accomplished so far. Rose came and sat next to us.

“Walter,” she whispered, “where is Ysmay?”

I had not noticed that Ysmay was missing. I had been too busy enjoying myself. I looked around the room, I noticed a few others were missing. “Geoffrey is missing too.”

“He’s guarding the camp. I told him I’d send someone to take his place in a little bit so he’d have a chance to enjoy all this.” She was looking around uneasily.

“Who else is missing?” I asked.

“Pete and Bea are downstairs in the kitchen,” Amelia offered.

“I don’t see Catherine, anywhere, “ stated Rose. “A don’t see a few other faces around either. But I’ve been busy training so I’m afraid I haven’t met them or even know the names.”

“Me neither. We need to find out where they are.”

Amelia looked scared. “Do you think, that maybe the goblins got them?”

“I don’t know, but we need to find out what…” I became aware that the room had grown quiet and looked around. Everyone had stopped talking and was looking towards the open door.

Outside, a fire burned on the terrace. Four figures danced around the flames. All four wore wooden masks.

And standing alongside them, standing there watching, with the firelight dancing on her mask, was Ysmay.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:26 am

So it is with great regret that I inform all of you that I wont be any more updates to the adventure for a bit.

But don't worry, when I get back from vacation, we'll get back to the story.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:47 am

Hey all,

Sorry it's been so long. I started playing Civ 5 again when BNW came out and well... just one more turn. I'm sure some of you know how that goes.

Anyway, I feel a little guilty for leaving everyone hanging. I mean, it was just getting good, so if folks want me to pick this story back up and finish it, let me know. I'm not promising I'll finish it, but I want to make sure there is some interest before I jump back into it.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby mad_genius » Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:20 pm

Chrisb78 wrote:Hey all,

Sorry it's been so long. I started playing Civ 5 again when BNW came out and well... just one more turn. I'm sure some of you know how that goes.

The good old "one more turn" Firaxis induced "disease". :D That also happens with XCOM as well.

Chrisb78 wrote:Anyway, I feel a little guilty for leaving everyone hanging. I mean, it was just getting good, so if folks want me to pick this story back up and finish it, let me know. I'm not promising I'll finish it, but I want to make sure there is some interest before I jump back into it.

On my part you have all the interest in the world. The story has been great so far. And the screenshots were awesome as well.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby YetiChow » Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:49 am

If you'll keep writing it mate, I'll keep reading :) There's nothing quite matching the feel of reading a great story when you know someone had to actually play the game to make it happen.
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