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Postby Chrisb78 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:58 pm

I left Ysmay and Borin to find Amelia. Before I left them, Borin told me that training would start tomorrow. I walked across the camp and found Amelia where I knew she would be, prepairing more baked bananas for tonight’s meal. I had decided to stay here in the jungle and I wanted to tell her. She looked up as I approached and our eyes met.

“SPIDERS!” Shouted Mirabelle from the watch tower. Everyone looked up at her and then toward the gates where she was pointing. As always, danger seemed to have perfect timing.

“Defend the camp!” I called out.

We ran to the gate, prepaired to defend ourselves from the spiders. Mirabelle ran down from the tower to join us.

“How many?” asked Borin?

“About nine or ten, “ she answered.
The knight laughed. “We’ll fight them here. This should be easy enough.”

From across the clearing the spiders emerged from the jungle. We even saw some green slimes come oozing out fo the trees and moving towards us. Borin charged out ahead of the rest of us and attacked the spiders in the clearing. Several of us followed with our swords and spears ready to to pierce and destroy the creatures. After working with a few others to quickly kill one of the spiders, I looked up and saw Sir Borin. He was single handedly fighting off three of the spiders plus a few of the slimes. I had to admit, despite not really liking the knight, he was impressive to watch as he held his opponents at bay.

I looked around for another monster to attack. I saw at the gate a spider leap towards Ysmay. She in turn raised her wand and shot a green spark of light at the spider. Between the magical wand she held and the few people with her attacking the spider, it didn’t stand a chance.


The only creatures left to fight were the ones that Sir Borin was fending off. I ran to the knight’s side and helped him to fight the spiders. Being near the knight while I attacked the creatures made me feel more confidant and stronger in my abilities. I knew that I wasn’t a great warrior, but the knight’s presence made me feel like I could be. By now, most of the defenders where here hacking off the legs of spiders. The remaining beasts fell before us.

Sir Borin knelt and wiped the spider blood off his sword in the grass. He stood up, looked over the rest of us, then walked back to camp without saying a word. Rose came over and stood next to me. “I’m glad he was here to help, but I can’t stand that guy,” she said quietly.
“You know, he’s going to help train us to fight better,” I told her.

She sighed loudly, before sarcastically saying, “wonderful. I can’t wait. By the way, I’m sorry for running my mouth earlier and getting you involved.”

I shrugged it off. Ysmay came over. “I think that he will be a good addition to our group, don’t you? I think we will all benefit from his training.” Ysmay then turned and followed the knight back into the camp.

While the rest of us were congratulating ourselves on our bravery and skill in fighting the slimes, we did not notice that Auldaeil and company had returned from the underground and were now standing at the edge of the clearing. “What’s happened here?” asked the elf.

“Spiders attacked.” I then saw that the elf and those with her were covered in spider’s blood, green gel and cuts and scratches. “You guys okay?”

She smiled. “Sounds like we had a similar day. Let us go have something to eat and then we will tell you all about what we’ve found.”

All of us walked back together. Everyone started looking for a space near the fire, but I looked for Amelia. I wanted to tell her I was staying, but I could see she was very busy with cooking. She noticed me looking at her and smiled then returned to her work. Forthwind took a seat next to me. “And who might the fellow be?” he asked pointing at the knight.

I explained to Forthwind how Sir Borin had come after hearing rumors of a fortress and an army that had formed to fight the goblins and after finding only disappointment, was going to stay and help train us to be better warriors.

“I would be slightly upset that he is one more with whom we must share the spoils, but there are already so many spoils that having to split them with another will hardly reduce my own take, or yours I might add,” the rogue said with a smile.

“What do you mean? What did you find?” A few others had heard us talking and now all ears were on our conversation. Was Forthwind going to tell us they found treasure and gold?

Auldaeil interrupted him. “He’s getting ahead of himself and, as is his way, making it sound more glorious that it actually is.” The elf stood up and showed us that she was now wearing new armor. Gone was the wooden armor she had on this morning and it was replaced by a stronger armor made of bone. I then realized that Gilthion, Forthwind and Jury all wore similar bone armor. Jury even carried a large bone club. “The floors are littered with weapons and armor. Much of it is no better then what you already have available, but there are a few pieces like those we have.”

“You can haul it up from the depths and sell it to the passing merchants and make a fortune. I think our arrangement is going to make us all very rich,” Forthwind said with a grin.

They then told us of all the spiders and slimes they had destroyed in the tunnels. They had even discovered a vein of iron which we could mine to make weapons that could be enchanted with all the spiderite that was laying all over cave floors. As the time passed people left the circle around the fire to find their beds in the bamboo huts. It had been a long day for everyone. I was tired too, but I had one more thing I needed to do today.

Amelia had been sitting in a chair by the cooking table listening to the day’s stories. I walked over to her and she stood as she saw me approach.

“Hello, Walter,” she said softly.

“Amelia, I’ve decided that I’m going to stay here. I’m not leaving.”

She smiled and threw her arms around me in embrace. We stood there holding each other in the dying fire light. I didn’t even notice that Ysmay was watching us, the light from the dying fire dancing in her eyes from behind the wooden mask.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:02 pm

I held my sword above my head and brought it down upon my opponent. My sword struck theirs as they defended themselves and countered with an attack of their own. I parried the attack and pushed on.

“You must try harder!” Sir Borin said as he walked past. We had been training with him for a few days now, and while we all were, as he put it, “worthless lumps of burningpet excriment who showed as much potential as a dead hobgoblin,” I felt like I had improved in my abilities. Borin had shown us basic attack and defense techniques with the sword and had us practice with each other sun up to sun down. He pushed us so hard that in the evenings we had just enough strength to eat before collapsing into bed. For six of us, training had become our life.

During the brief time in the evenings between training and finding my bed, I took time to catch up with the news of the day. Tybalt and the other miners had amassed a large supply of stone over the past few days and had even began hauling some iron ore and coal out of the mine. This was good news to Hadron who now had plenty of materials on hand to produce more iron armor and weapons. Brom and Alice had been overseeing construction at the hill. Apparently, since we lacked more skilled craftsmen and masons, Brom opted to build the walls up against the side of the hill. It was easier then trying to build a free standing wall, and would be good practice for the workers until they got better at laying stone. Progress on the building had been going faster then Brom had expected and it was thought that they would be able to start building on top of the hill within the next few days.


Forthwind, Jury, and the elves reported that they were running out of tunnels to explore. They thought that it would probably be safe for people to go down and start hauling items up. Our numbers also continued to grow, and with each new person came another story of town that had fallen before the might of the goblin hordes.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:04 pm

Emeline had finally recovered from the spider venom and joined us in the clearing for training. She impressed Sir Borin with her skill with the spear and he spared her many of the insults that he shared with the rest of us. We continued practicing as a group for most of the day until a merchant came through our clearing.

“Hello there,” he called out. “Have you an idea of where I might find the army that is fighting the goblins? I’ve brought my wares to trade.”

I sighed. Where were people getting the idea that there was an army out here?

“No army here, I’m afraid,” answered Sir Borin. “Just this lot here. I don’t think they could fight a froggie scouting party, much less a goblin horde.”

“Can’t kill a froggie?” shouted Rose, who in fact had actually killed a few froggies since we’d been out here. I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her. I sometimes worried that one of these days she was going to use the knight’s training against him. Probably getting herself hurt in the process.
Sir Borin dismissed us early so we could see what the merchant had to offer. We showed him where he could set up and everyone who wasn’t busy at the quarry came to see his wares. He had quite an assortment of building materials and other goods. Hadron selected some iron and copper that he could use at the forge. He’d even spotted some bars of gold and silver that he thought he could turn into armor if he got his hands on more of it.

While we were all looking through the various items and working out a trade with the merchant, Ysmay pulled a book out that was hidden under some scraps of leather. She began looking through it. . I couldn’t quite see the title, but I thought I saw the word “enchant” on the cover. She negotiated a price for the book and then walked off leaving the rest of us to look through the items.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby bobbys » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:47 pm

This is coming along nicely. Great job!
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:09 am

The days went by. I continued training and felt myself becoming stronger and more skilled. While practicing against Sir Borin, I even occasionally managed to land a hit on his armor. An action that always led to him knocking me flat on my back. Even though we were being pushed harder now then in the beginning, I wasn’t as tired in the evenings as I once was. No longer did I drag myself to sleep immediately after eating when the day was done.

I used my free time in the evenings to enjoy the comradare and stories around the camp fire. Forthwind often entertained the group with dramatic retellings of the battles they’d had underground with the spiders and slimes. As the evenings would progress the camp would get quiet as people retired to the bamboo huts. Often times, it would just be Amelia and I sitting together alone as the glowing embers of the fire began to darken.

We would talk of our lives before being captured by froggies and being brought out to the jungle. She had lived with Ysmay in a small castle far to the south of here. Despite not knowing her father, Ysmay’s mother was the daughter of some minor nobleman and was thus born into a life of privledge. Amelia’s parents had been servents in that castle, and when she became old enough, she was assigned to be Ysmay’s servent. Amelia told me of good times and bad while she was growing up. I started to feel like I had known her all my life. Because of Amelia, I was glad that I had chosen to stay.

Days then weeks went by before Brom announced one night around the fire that the building on the hill was almost finished. I had been hearing of the progress and had even walked over to look at it a few times. It was hard to believe that it might finally be finished. Our numbers, however, had grown and the original plan for the building would no longer accomidate all of us. The structure was expected to hold about fifteen people, so not everyone would have a space in it. Ysmay decided that since the lower level would house a kitchen that our cooks would have priority on the rooms, followed by those that were in charge of harvesting crops since we were planning to use the nearby area as farmland.

The next morning, everyone took part in moving things from the camp to the hill site building. Everyone, even those of us who would have to continue sleeping in the bamboo huts, was excited about what we had accomplished. This was a group effort and it was something to be proud of. We left the camp and walked across the wooden bridge that Fendril had built on the river. We passed the quarry and in front of us was the hill, although it didn’t look like a hill now.


The base of the hill was surrounded by stone wall and on one side, steps lead up the side. On either side of the steps were two openings that lead into the interior of the hill. At the top of the steps the hill had been leveled out. Sybbyl and Margaret planned on planting a garden for mushrooms and blue radishes there. Just past the flattend space was stone walls rose out of the ground. On top of which was another flattened earthen area where another garden would be planted. Brom had designed the entire structure so that it could only be entered from one side. It’s elevated position above the jungle would allow us to spot any danger as it approached so that we could organize a defense at the hill’s base and prevent any entry.



The interior of the building had a large kitchen and several store rooms for food. Hadron had even used some of the iron that Tybalt’s crew mined to build ovens. Amelia and the other cooks wouldn’t have to cook over a fire in the open any more. The upper floor had a large dining room that could accomidate a large group of us. Several smaller rooms had been included in the design that could fit 2 people comfortably. Everyone decided that Amelia, as head chef, should be given her own room. Anastas and Fendril had been busy building beds and other furniture for all the rooms. They weren’t the most luxiourous accomidations, but the rooms were better then the shack which fit about twelve beds in a large room.

That day we decided to take a break from the work. We had a festival to celebrate our new building. Our new home. There was dancing and singing. Boisterous stories of adventure and enough food for all. It was a grand celebration and it was nice to forget about the realities of our situation of being in the jungle and the goblins. As the day was coming to a close people started retiring to their new rooms and I was prepairing for the walk back to camp with the others who were sleeping in the bamboo huts. As we were leaving, Amelia took my hand and lead me to her room sparing me the long walk back.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:24 pm

It was a new day. I had a new sense of purpose and belonging here in the jungle. Several days had gone by and plans had been made to build a second building near the hill. This one would be larger to accomidate more prople in it. Sybbyl and Margaret had planted several rows of banana trees, radishes, and even a few mushrooms to feed our growing population.

We continued practicing our combat skills and since most of us were still living in the old bamboo shacks at the camp, we continued to practice in the clearing away from the new building. On my way to meet the other guards one morning, I saw Ysmay and Hadron at the forge. Ysmay had the book that she had bought off the merchant with her and they seemed to be intently looking it over together. I was wondering what they were up to and not paying attention to where I was going. I kept walking and almost walked straight into Sir Borin.

“Your late,” said the knight. I fell in line with the others. Sir Borin came and stood in front of me and stared me in the eye for what felt like all morning before speaking. “Listen, Walter. I know that for some reason you are in charge of this little group of warriors.” He sneered when he said the word. “You are no warrior, and for now, I’m in charge of you.” He continued insulting us for a while longer before we actually started practicing. I wished there actually was an army out here in the jungle so that he could run off and join it. Despite his attitude though, I did appreciate that he was taking the time to train us.

We had been practicing for several hours when one of the miners came running across the bridge. “Walter!” he shouted. “Tybalt sent me. Come quick. Bring them too.” He pointed to the other guards and started back towards the quarry with all of us following.

The group of us got to the quarry and climbed down the ladders . As we descended, we heard a lot of sounds and commotion that I didn’t recognize as well as harsh guttural voices. What was going on?

We found Tybalt and the other miners. “Walter, I’m glad you made it. You remember when we first opened up the hole and I told you we had a problem?” I nodded remembering the first time I had come into these tunnels. “Well it is kind of like that, except it is a bit more serious then spiders.” He lead us a short way to where the other miners were standing around a hole and shouting. “We got ourselves another problem.”

I looked down into the hole. Tybalt was right, we did have a problem.

It was goblins.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:26 am

We were standing on the edge of the opening that the miners had dug looking down on eight goblins. The miners were shouting threats and obsenities at the goblins while throwing rocks at them. The goblins were throwing rocks back up at us and shouting, what I can only assume were threats and obsenities in their own language.

“Let’s jump down there and get them!” said Rose and prepaired herself to jump.

I held her back. “How are you going to get back up? Besides, they can’t get to us. We can take our time and figure out a plan.”

Emeline chimed in, “ We may want to hurry. This could be a scouting party for the goblins who are crushing the nearby towns and villages. If we don’t kill them, they may come back with more.”

“Cowards.” Was all Sir Borin had to offer. I wasn’t sure if he was talking to us or the goblins.

“I’ll show you who’s a coward.” Rose obviously thought he was talking to us because with that she was leaping from the edge. We were all taken by surprised by the suddeness of her action. Rose slashed her sword through the air as she fell and managed to remove one’s ear while landing on another goblin. It was impressive to watch up until that point. Swinging a sword, wearing armor, and landing on a goblin of course doesn’t make for the best chances to land on one’s feet, and Rose immediately lost her balance and went down.

The goblins, who were also momentarily surprised by Rose’s impulsive action, wasted no more time leaping on the girl. Emeline and Sir Borin were first to jump in after her. I followed with the other guards. Tybalt and his miners stayed on the edge helping by shouting threats and obsenities at the goblins.

All of us started attacking the pile of goblins to force them off of Rose. Once they felt our sharp blades they turned to defend themselves. Sir Borin cleaved through one of the goblins cutting it right on half and stepped through their line to pick up Rose. The rest of us were so impressed by his strength that any fear we might have held disappeared and we rushed the goblins. With Rose back on her feet, we were even in numbers. We slashed and stabbed. We parried and thrusted. We used all the skills that Sir Borin had been teaching us over the past several weeks. It was a fierce fight, but all of our training was paying off. We were holding our own against the goblins.

As I was fighting a goblin an arrow struck it right between the eyes. I slashed at it’s neck and lobbed it’s head clean off. I looked up and saw Auldaeil and Giltheion on the ledge each prepairing to fire another arrow into the enemy. Jury and Forthwind were jumping into the hole.

“Nice of you to finally join us,” stated Sir Borin.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for all the treasure in the world, “ replied Forthwind with a smile. While slashing through a goblin with his curved blade. “We’d of come sooner, but were hunting other evils in the underworld.”

We now outnumbered the goblins and easily finished them off. The two elves jumped down and we looked around. The floor was covered with blood and goblin heads. There were even some strange glowing green orbs that were similar to the spiderite that we had been collecting.

“Not too bad for a bunch of commoners who’d never seen real combat before, “ said Sir Borin. “And you,” he looked at Rose who stared at the knight, clearly ready to tell him off if he said the wrong thing, “that was quite brave.” Rose relaxed and even smiled at the knight.

“Hey I’m going to send for a ladder or something for you all,” Tybalt called down to us. Two of the miners disappeared from the edge of the hole, no doubt sent to get a ladder and inform the rest of the group what was going on down here. “You all stay put till we can get you out.”

Emeline was examining one of the walls. “These seem to be shaped by tools. What do you think this place is?”

“Who knows,” said Gilthion. “Might have been built by dwarves or something else.”

“What were those goblins doing down here?” I asked.

Auldaeil offered that the goblins might be living down here, or that they might be part of the goblin horde. We really had no way of knowing at this point.

“You think that there might be anything else living down here?” I asked.

“There is only one way to find out,” said Auldaeil. She looked around the room, “there seem to be four different corridors leading from this room, we should probably investigate while we’re waiting for them to get us out.”

“Which way should we go?” Asked the barbarian.

Forthwind smiled, then pointed at himself, the barbarian and the two elves. “Four passages and four of us. I believe it’s obvious which way we should go.”

“You should stay here and wait for a way out,” suggested Auldaeil. “If the goblins were part of a larger force, then everyone above ground is defenseless while we are all down here.”

I hadn’t thought about that, but she was right. I hoped everything was okay up above. Forthwind, Jury, Auldaeil, and Gilthion each went down their own separate passage.

“Idiots,” said Sir Borin. I thought the same thing as I watched the four heroes separate and go their own way.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:37 pm

Emeline, William, Charles, Eleanor, Rose, Sir Borin, and myself were standing guard in the chamber that the miners had opened up. We were still waiting for a ladder to be dropped down to us, so for now, we were stuck down here. We were all quiet and no one said a word. In part because we were worried, but mostly because Sir Borin told us to shut up and listen for anything approaching.

The discovery of this room and the goblins we had just slain brought many questions. Why was it here? Who or what had carved the room and the hallways? Were those goblins part of the horde that we had heard so much about since we started living in the jungle?

“You hear that?” asked Emeline, looking in the direction of the tunnel that Gilthion had taken.

“Quiet!” ordered Sir Borin.

“What was it?” asked Rose.

“Quiet… It’s the sound of battle.”

“I hear it, too. Coming from the hall that Jury went down,” said Rose.

Sir Borin scowled, “They should have picked a hall and all gone together. Those fools are all going to get themselves killed.”

“Shouldn’t we help them?” Asked Rose.

“Probably.” The knight started toward the hall way after Gilthion. “Rose and Emeline, your with me. Rest of you go with Walter to find the barbarian.” Before entering the hallway the knight stopped and turned toward me. “Walter,” he said to get my attention. The knight raised his sword in salute. “Don’t get yourself killed.”

I took a deep breath and started down the hallway towards the sounds of the fighting ahead of us. Eleansor, Charles, William and Edmund were right behind me.
We raced down the hallway, the noise of the fighting ahead getting louder with each step. The hall opened up into another large room. Before us was a room full of goblins, much like the room we had just left. The goblins were all fixated on the barbarian in the middle. Jury was engaged in combat with just two of the goblins, while the rest formed a ring around the room. I wondered why they weren’t all attacking him. He was bashing the two with his bone club while they were doing their best to defend themselves from his blows. I saw that a glowing green orb was laying near the barbarians feet. Evidence that he had already killed one of them.

“Jury!” Shouted Eleanor. The barbarian and all the goblins stopped their fighting and turned to look at us.

“Humie die,” said one of the goblins in a low growl and then they all rushed us. The four of us raised our swords and the battle began. I brought my sword down on the nearest goblin who blocked my attack with a club. The goblin countered and swung it’s large heavy club at me. I lept backwards to dodge the strike leaving the goblin off balance. I saw my opening and thrust me sword deep into the monster’s chest. It’s limp body fell to the ground and a glowing orb appeared beside it.

I slashed at another goblin and hit it in the arm. It screamed out in pain. The goblin dropped it’s sword and lept at me. It moved quickly and surprised me with it’s speed. It somehow clung to my armor with one of it’s hands and used it’s free hand to claw at my face. I dropped my sword and struggled to get the goblin off of me. Then, the goblin was pulled from me. Jury had grabbed the green creature and flug it against a wall. He then bashed another one in the head with his bone club. I picked my sword back up and quickly stabbed another goblin in the back that was already fighting William. After this goblin fell, I saw Charles on the floor. A goblin was standing on his body while attacking Eleanor. I watched as Eleanor slayed the goblin.

There was only one goblin left, it was the one that Jury had thrown against the wall. It had clearly been stunned from being thrown and it was picking itself back up. The barbarian walked over to it, put one massive hand around the creature’s neck and held it up. William charged over and ran his sword through the goblin’s chest.

Jury through down the dead goblin. “Now I can’t ask it what it’s doing here.” William looked down at the ground apologetically.

I turned to Charles. Eleanor was kneeling at his side holding his hand. She looked up at me. “He’s dead.”

I let out a long sigh. The knight had told them to follow me. I was in command and Charles had died. “Carry him back to the other room and stay together,” I said softly.

When we got to the room where we first battled the goblins, Tybalt was standing there at the bottom of a ladder with Sir Borin. They were helping Rose and Emeline with something heavy. It was another body; it was Gilthion.

Two were dead. Two were unaccounted for. We discovered goblins were underneith us. Today had not been a good day.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:02 am

We climbed our way out of the quarry to the surface, carrying the bodies of the fallen warriors. When we reached the surface, most of the rest of the group was waiting anxiously for us. Amelia ran to me and started dabbing at the blood on my face from where the goblin scratched me with a piece of cloth. . “I was worried about you.”

A hush fell over the crowd as we pulled up the bodies of Charles and Gilthion.

Ysmay directed that the bodies be prepaired for a burial. “Was it goblins?” She asked.

“Yes. There were a lot of them down there,” I told her.

“We can not allow them to disrupt what we are doing here.” Ysmay turned and faced the group. “The gods will protect us. I will see to it.” She left and walked up the steps of our building and went inside.

We spent the rest of the afternoon resting around a table in the dining room. There was still no sign of Forthwind or Auldaeil. Jury and Sir Borin were making plans to go back down and find them. Emeline was going to go with them. The rest of us were going to stay up here and watch over the town. We wanted to help, but understood that everyone was on edge now and our presence would help. Besides, we didn’t know if there might be more goblins lurking out in the jungle waiting for their moment to strike.

After the three had descended back into the quary in search of the mising elf and rogue, those of us remaining began patrolling the area around the hill, to the river, and all the way back to the walls around the camp. It was a large area for just five people to patrol and as the sun began to go down and darkness came over the jungle, I began to worry about what might be out there.

I had only Rose with me as the two of were walking from the bridge back to camp. As we were pushing our way through the trees and brush, Rose put her hand on my shoulder. “What’s that?” she whispered and pointed at a red-orange glow coming from further out in the jungle. I didn’t know, but we needed to investigate. I hoped it wasn't goblins.

Rose and I snuck through the jungle with our weapon’s drawn. As we got closer we could hear chanting. The glow came from a large bon-fire. Three figures appeared to be dancing around the fire. They were waving spears and dancing and chanting as if performing a strange ritual Rose and I watched quietly from behind the trees not daring to disturb the events that took place before us. Who were these strange dancers and what were they doing out here? . In the fire light it was difficult to make out the faces of the dancers but they appeared to have wild hair that stood on end. The chanting got louder.

“We should go,” whispered Rose. She had faced death and goblins earlier today, but I could hear the sound of fear in her voice. I nodded in agreement and we started to slowly back up. The chanting got louder. It was then that I saw two motionless figures laying near the fire. I pointed them out to Rose who stopped. “is that… are those Gilthion and Charles?”

The chanting stopped.

Had we been seen? No, the three were suddenly fixated on a fourth figure around the fire. It was glowing and translucent. It was a…

“GHOST!” Rose screamed out.

All four figures turned and looked in our direction. We froze and stared at the scene.

I realized why I was unable to make out the features of the dancers and they didn’t have wild hair. All three wore wooden masks.

“Who is there!” demanded one of the dancers in a voice I recognized.

It was Ysmay.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:31 pm

Neither Rose nor I dared to move or answer Ysmay’s call. We stood, frozen, watching the group before us. Ysmay and the two with her stood to around the fire. The lifeless bodies of Charles and Gilthion lay to one side and the glowing form of a ghost hovered overhead. What was going on?

“Who is there!?” Ysmay called out again. Still, we did not answer. She started walking towards where we were hiding. Her wooden mask had never seemed so terrifying as it did right now.

The ghost moved towards one of the other people who wore the wooden mask like Ysmay’s. It moved slowly and reached out to grab the person around the neck. I heard a scream and Ysmay turned towards the ghost.

She raised her wand and fired a bolt of green light at the spirit. Those with her thrust violently at the ghost with their spears. Rose grabbed my arm and started pulling. “Let’s go.” She whispered to me. I was not about to argue with her. I may have once made a promise to protect Ysmay, but Ysmay had not done anything to make that promise easy. As far as I was concerned, her raising the spirits of the dead meant she no longer needed my protection, if she ever did.

Rose and I ran into the jungle and didn’t stop till we got back to the hill. Once there, we collapsed on the steps. The camp was quiet, as most had finished eating and had retired for the night. “Do you think she knows it was us?” Rose asked.

“I don’t know. What was that thing? Do you think Ysmay used magic to bring it here?” I was worried. If Ysmay could summon the dead what else what she capable of?

“I think we need to keep this a secret until we know more.”

I agreed completely with her. Until we knew more, it was probably not wise to talk about this with anyone. Besides, we didn’t know who it was that was with her. “Agreed, lets tell no one about this.”

“Tell no one about what?” I looked up. Forthwind had walked up, and Emeline was with him.

I looked at Rose then back at the rogue. “Nothing. It’s nothing.”

Forthwind raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Walter, have I not earned your trust? Have you found a secret treasure and you wish to keep it all for yourself?” He then frowned and patted me on the shoulder. “I’m sorry to hear of Charles and Gilthion, they were both good warriors.” The rogue continued walking up the steps and into the dining room.

“Did you guys find Auldaeil?” I asked Emeline.

“No. Jury and Sir Borin sent me with Forthwind. We found him standing over a pile of goblin heads. They are going to keep looking for her.” She sat down near us. “I take it everything is okay up here. No attacks from goblins?”

Rose and I looked at each other. “Nothing, everything is fine.” I lied.
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