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Postby Chrisb78 » Fri May 31, 2013 11:55 pm

Once back in camp, we told everyone of our attack on the brownie village. They got excited at hearing about how we had charged into danger and killed all of the brownies. Emeline even told the story that made me sound as if I was more of a hero then what I was. Even though it was nice being the camp hero, I was anxious to get out of this jungle and back to my home.

I walked over to our makeshift hospital to see how the injured were progressing. Rose, and Mary were awake and actually helping out with some of the light work in the camp. Fendril, who wasn’t that injured when he arrived had been helping Anastas out with her carpentry. It was just Catherine and Eleanor who were still in need of attention. Eleanor seemed like she would fine by tomorrow. Catherine was still drifting in and out of unconsousness. “she’ll still need a few days, but I think she’ll be fine,” Ysmay said quitly when I approached.

“Okay. I’ll let everyone know that we can leave in a day or two then.”

“Oh, are you planning on leaving us?”

I was afraid of this. Ysmay was going to insist on staying here. “Look, I know I made a promise to Rowen right before he sacraficed himself so that we could all escape, but, I didn’t promise to stay in the jungle.”

“And you can leave if you want to Walter. You can leave all of us here in the jungle to fend for ourselves if you wish.”

“That’s not fair, Ysmay.”

“Walter, no one is forcing you to stay. You can leave at any time. I think Anastas has something for you. You can take it when you leave as a rememberence of us.”

“Walter, come here when you have a minute!” Anastas shouted from over by the fire just as Ysmay finished speaking.

“Allright!” I shouted to her, before looking back at Ysmay. “Just because we leave the jungle doesn’t mean you have to go to the North. You and Amelia can come to my village.”

“You should go see what Anastas wants. We can talk later,” she said.

She was right, I could leave. I didn’t have to stay here. Maybe tonight when the everyone was gathered around the camp fire, I’d let everyone know that we’d be leaving soon so everyone could be ready to go. If anyone wanted to stay, well, that was their choice, and not my responsibility. I walked over to where Anastas was sitting to see what she wanted. She was sitting with Fendril and they seemed to be hiding something behind them.

“Walter. I made something for you. This will help protect you when you protect us from the froggies.” She moved to reveal what was hidden. She had crafted a suit of armor out of the soft wood she had gathered from the jungle.

“Oh wow!” I leaned forward to pick up the helmet and put it on my head. It was the right size even. “Help me put on the rest of this.” She and Fendril helped me put on the rest of the wooden armor. The whole set fit pretty well, and once I had it on, it wasn’t as heavy as I would have expected. I figured it would offer pretty good protection from a froggie spear.

“I made a second set for Emeline, since she is always out hunting the froggies. I plan to make enough for everyone and with Fendril’s help, I expect we’ll be done in just a few days. I had another idea too. Look at this.” She showed me a spot in the dirt where she had drawn out something with a stick. “This hill behind us, if we put a tower up there, then we can spot danger from further off. We’ll need a lot of wood though, which will mean travelling further out into the jungle. That’s why I want everyone to have wooden armor to protect them from danger.”

A tower to be able to see danger from further off wasn’t a bad idea if we were planning to stay here. But we weren’t, and that time spent building things could be time spent getting home. Was I the only one still thinking about that? We really needed to have a talk about this soon. I thanked Anastas for the armor and turned to go back to Ysmay, but she was not where I had left her.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:21 am

Ysmay had disappeared. I sought out Amelia in the covered area that we had designated as a kitchen. I hoped that she would knew where Ysmay had gone.

“I hear your leaving us soon,” Amelia said softly as I approached.

“Yes. You are coming with us right?”

“My place is with Ysmay. I’ve been her servent since I was a child. Our village elders recognized her powers and I was chosen to aid her. If she stays, then I’m afraid I must stay with her.”

“You could die out here, alone.”

“I wont be alone. I’ll be with Ysmay. And I believe Auldaeil will remain as long as the froggie’s continue to be a problem. And there may be other’s out there who escape and end up needing us to watch after them.”

I looked at her for a moment. I wasn’t sure what else to say as it seemed her decision was made for her. “Do you know where Ysmay is?”

“She went over that way.” Amelia pointed toward the jungle. She then took a few steps closer to me and took my hand. “Walter, I understand not wanting to be here, to live in the jungle. But I hope that you’ll stay. At least long enough till you know that we’ll be safe.”

I pulled my hand from hers and walked away. Wanting to stay here was a death sentence. I started towards the trees where Ameila had pointed towards in search of Ysmay. She might be determined to stay here and get herself killed, but as long as I was out here, I inteded to keep her alive. I had made a promise after all.

“Walter! Emeline! Where are you!” I heard Margaret yelling from across the camp. I turned to see what she needed. She spotted me and ran towards me.

“We were out gathering more fruit.” She stopped to catch her breath. “We found bodies in the woods.”

I quickly forgot about Ysmay and followed Margaret into the jungle. Outside of camp, I found Sybbyl and Emeline. They showed us where they had found the bodies.


Emeline knelt down beside one and after a moment slowly stood back up. “Looks like froggies did this.”

I wondered if they were people who had been captured and might have been trying to reach our camp. Maybe Auldaeil had told them to find us and they didn’t make it.

“Okay, I said.” There’s nothing more we can do here. Lets go back to camp. “

On the walk back, I decided to breech the subject of leaving with Emeline, Sybbyl and Margaret. I told them that I wanted to leave once Catherine was well enough to walk. I also told them that Ysmay and Amelia had planned to stay at camp. Sybbyl and Margeret quickly agreed that everyone should leave. Emeline was very quiet and didn’t say a word the whole way back to camp.

Back at camp, word quickly spread about what we had discovered. Ysmay had even returned to camp. I didn’t ask where she had gone. That evening, I decided it was time to discuss with the rest of the group what our plans were. Everyone was surprised that we were even discussing it. The general concensious of the group was that we would be leaving as soon as everyone was able to. We all had homes and families to get back to.

Afterwards, Emeline pulled me aside. “Walter, I think I’m going to stay. If Ysmay and Amelia are going to stay, then I want to stay with them. I feel like I have a purpose out here.”

“Okay,” was all I said.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:00 am

I spent the next morning walking the perimeter of the camp. I had checked on Catherine and she was awake more. Ysmay thought that she’d be ready to go with the rest of us tomorrow.

Auldaeil returned to camp and she was with a stranger. He was dressed in dark clothing and carried a long curved sword. “Hey Walter, I found these two in the woods, thought I would bring them back to camp.” Auldaeil said then disappeared back into the jungle.

The one with the sword bowed slightly, “Good day to you. I am known as Forthwind. I seek adventure and treasure. And while you do not appear to possess much in the way of treasure, from what the elf tells me, you do possess adventure a plenty. “

“Yes, I suppose we do.”

“Very well then good sir. I shall stay and seek adventure. Perhaps there are treasures to find, which you, as my host, will be entitled to a share of the spoils.”

“Well most of us are planning to leave soon.”

He grinned at me. “Then you won’t be my host and I’ll get to keep your share of the spoils.”

Forthwind took it upon himself to wander the camp and introduce himself to the rest of the group. I turned to the other unknown face who told me that he was a merchant and asked if we wanted to trade. I told him that we would be happy to look at his goods but that we had very little in the way of items to trade with him and even less in the way of gold. I decided that I would bring him over to our makeshift hospital area so that he could show us what he had for sale. While we walked over there, he asked how we had come to be out here and if we were refugees from the goblin attacks that had been taking place to the North.

I explained to him that we had had no problems with goblins and that we had all been victims of froggie raids on the edge of the jungle and all ended up in this spot. We were planning on leaving once everyone was well enough to move. He laid out his bundle. He seemed to have mostly building materials, which since we were leaving we had no use for. He offered to buy some of our extra wood, which we happily sold to him since it was just going to rot on the jungle floor once we left.

While we were gathering the wood, Emeline returned from froggie hunting and she had also brought someone with her. Someone who I recognized.

“Walter? Walter is that you?” He ran over to me. I did recognize him. It was Hadron Chandros. Hadron was the black smith back in my village. “So good to see a familiar face after all that has happened.”

“Hadron! What are you doing out here?” I asked.

“There’s nothing left Walter. Two days after their first raid, the froggies came back. They overwhelmed us. They took prisoners and burned our village before retreating back into the jungle.” I listened intently as Hadron told his story. But the thing I heard echoed over and over in my mind was there’s nothing left.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:21 am

I didn’t know what to do. Hadron had finished telling me about how the froggies had returned to the village and burned it to the ground. The survivors of the villiage took up arms and marched into the jungle to seek revenge against the froggies. One by one they fell to the froggies until only Hadron was left. Lost and alone he wandered through the jungle until Emeline had found him and brought him here. This new information was going to force me to change my plans.

There were of course other villages. Those with me were from some of them. I could make a new life there. I brought Hadron over to our kitchen so that he could get something to eat. Amelia had just finished baking another batch of bananas and offered some to the hungry smith. I told Amelia of my home’s fate and with sad eyes, she simply stated, “you could stay here.”

I didn’t want to think of that as an option. But she was right. If I had to start over, I could start over here. I’d have to think about it some. I introduced Hadron to the other members of the camp. When we were done, he grinned at me.

“You got it pretty good here. It’s just you and the old guy in the jungle with a bunch of women.” Hadron laughed at his observation. “No wonder you are still out here.” He wasn’t completely correct, Forthwind was off in the jungle seeking treasures, but his greater point about there being a bunch of women out here with me was was something I hadn’t really noticed myself.

“It’s not like that. I’m out here because I didn’t want to leave anyone behind and Catherine over there was hurt.”

“Allright Walter. I’m just playing around anyway. Although your cook seems to have eyes for you. “ I hadn’t noticed. I had been too busy surviving and planning to leave the jungle to even think about stuff like that.

Suddenly a scream came from the jungle. Emeline and myself ran off into the jungle and found Rose being attacked by a froggie just outside the camp. The two of us made short work of it and helped Rose back to camp.


This was very concerning. Despite our growing numbers and increased efforts at hunting them, the Froggies were continuing to come close to camp. I guess it wasn’t suprising. If they were bold enough to raid a village, they would have no issues with attacking a small group of people living in two shacks alongside a river in their jungle.

That evening while we were sitting around the camp fire I asked Anastas if she could draw up her plans for the watch tower again. She told me she could and gave me an estimate on how much wood we would need to build it.

Ysmay smiled. “Does this mean you will not be leaving us in the morning, Walter?”

“It means that I’m going to help you build some defenses before I leave. The froggies are obviously not afraid to attack us here. I have nothing to return to, so I might as well stay here to help you get some defenses up if your serious about staying out here.”

Everyone who was planning on leaving tomorrow agreed that staying an extra couple of days to help those staying wasn’t a bad idea. And this time, I did notice that Amelia was smiling in a way I had not seen her smile before.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:57 pm

It was unfortunate that we had traded most of our wood away to the travelling merchant, so we had to spend the morning gathering wood. We were starting to have to travel farther away to find wood. Even with Emeline, Auldaeil and Forthwind spending most of thier time hunting froggies, but we were still finding signs that they were in the area. Since there were no longer any injured in the camp, Ysmay took it upon herself to organize the labor. She asked me to patrol the areas where people were gathering wood to ensure that all were safe. She then told some of the group to focus on cutting down the trees and put a few others in charge of hauling the wood back into camp. Back in camp, Anastas, Fendril and Hadron would work on assembing the wood into the parts for our tower. And of Course Amelia and Beatrix would make sure that we had food on hand. And, I should probably mention that Ysmay has started wearing a ugly mask that one of the froggies that Emeline killed had dropped. I don’t really know why she insisted on wearing it, but she was, and it creeped me out.

I hadn’t seen the group this organized before. Once Anastas said we had enough wood, everyone shifted their job over to building the tower. By the end of the day, we had actually assembled a tower. It was pretty sturdy and from the top I could see above the tree tops and the surrounding areas.


Ysmay and I stood on top of the tower together looking down at the rest of the camp. “Walter, you should ask for a few volunteers and set up a guard rotation. If we can keep someone in this tower we can keep the froggies from getting to near.”

She was right. Having an organized guard would probably be a good idea. I also needed to practice with Emeline so I’d be more useful next time the froggies showed up.

That evening, while we sat around the camp fire eating baked bananas, I asked Emeline if she would be willing to teach a few of us how to use our spears as well as she does. She of course agreed. Auldaeil and Forthwind also offered to teach some skills to us. Rose and Eleanor suggested that they would be willing to learn. Hadron also volunteered since without an anvil he felt pretty useless. I also let everyone in camp know that we’d all have to take turns sitting in the tower to keep a watch.

The next morning, Auldaeil, Fortwind, Emeline, Rose, Eleanor, Hadron and myself all gathered in a clearing just outside of camp to start practicing. We paired up while Auldaeil supervised and instructed us. Though her specialty was the bow, she knew more about close combat then any of the rest of us, except for maybe Forthwind, but he said he’d rather spar then teach. I stood facing my partner, Emeline and listened to Auldaeil as she showed us the most effective way to hold the spear and defend ourselves from an attack as well as how to attack without leaving yourself open to attack.

After some instruction, we were told to attack each other. I gripped my spear the way I had been shown and brought it up and lunged at Emeline. Emeline brought her own spear up in defense, blocked my attack and immediately followed through with an attack of her own. I jumped back. Emeline kept on and forced me off balance. Before it could go any further, Auildaeil told us to stop so that she could continue her lesson. We spent the rest of the day practicing. Taking turns on offense and defense. I felt myself improving throughout the day. I figured I’d be ready the next time we were attacked.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:09 am

After a full day of practice we dragged ourselves back to camp. While we were eating I saw that there was a rather large pile of bamboo that had been gathered.

“I’m tired of sleeping on the grass, and so is everyone else, so we’re going to use that to build a house.” Ysmay offered when she saw me looking at the bamboo.

Before I could say anything Catherine shouted down from the tower. “Someone’s approaching!” Everyone looked up at her and then to the direction she was pointing.

“Let’s go check it out,” said Emeline as she sprang to her feet. I followed her to the edge of camp. Through the trees we saw four figures approaching.

The group appeared tired and unarmed. When they saw us with our spears they stopped. One of the group stepped forward. “Hello there. I am Althalos le Conte, barbarian of the northern wilds. We mean you no harm. We saw your campfire and hoped that we might find some food before continuing on our way.”

“Of course. Please join us.” Ysmay invited them into the camp and offered them a seat near the fire. “Amelia, please bring our guests something to eat.”

While we ate together, Althalos begin telling us the story of how he and his companions had come to us. He had been sent south to locate a treasure. Two nights ago he had been staying at the inn at a town located on the edge of this jungle. While he was staying in the town, a goblin horde attacked and raided the town. The townspeople were brave and faught the goblins, but in the end, their numbers were too much and they overwhelmed the villagers. When it became obvious what the outcome was going to be, he retreated into the jungle. He had found his companions, Edmund, Tybalt, and Mirabelle and they had been wandering lost in the jungle until they saw the camp fire smoke.

Forthwind grinned and asked of the treasure that Althalos had been sent to locate.

The barbarian’s response was puzzling, “I know very few details, but I believe I am very close.” He looked over at Ysmay and thanked her and the rest of us for our hospitality.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:36 am

The next morning it was my turn to keep watch in the tower. I climbed up and relieved Mary who had spent the last few hours there. I had a good view of the surrounding area. I watched as our camp guard marched out to the clearing to practice without me. Althalos went with them as well. I could see Margaret and Sybbyl as they gathered bananas from the nearby trees. I watched as Anastas and Fendril built what appeared to by cots or beds using some wood that they had asked to be gathered. I watched Ysmay organize the remaining members of the camp including those that arrived last night and they started using the bamboo to build a long narrow building. And from the tower I could see the kitchen area where Beatrix and Amelia were cooking.

I was able to get a good view of our surroundings from up here. Not far to the north of the camp was another river, across that river was a small hill. To our west and south of the river was just jungle as far as I could see. And to our east we sat next to a hill which I could not see over. But was that movement I saw on the hill? I looked closely and saw it again. It was a “FROGGIE!!!!” I shouted to get everyone’s attention and pointed in the direction of the hill.

The group that had been practicing their fighting skills ran towards the hill where I had pointed. I watched as they disappared among the trees. I looked around to see if there were other dangers in the jungle. I didn’t see anything. It seemed like forever waiting and watching for any signs that they had taken care of the froggie. After a few minutes, they came back. Emeline looked up at me and smiled so I knew everything was okay. They then returned to their practicing. I finshed out my time in the tower and waited for Catherine to climb the ladder so that she could take over watching.

I walked past where they were building the bamboo house on my way to the kitchen. Ysmay was supervising while everyone was building. It was going up very quickly. They were even putting a wooden roof up. Once I reached the kitchen I sat down at a table and asked Amelia for something to eat. She brought over a banana and sat down next to me.

“We were lucky to have you up there in the tower to spot the froggie. Who knows what would have happened had you not seen it.” She said while I ate.

“Emeline led the attack. All I did was watch from the tower, and really, I couldn’t even see what was going on.”

“She only lead the attack because you were there to tell them where to go.” She stopped speaking and put her hand on mine, after a moment she started to say, “Walter, I want you to know that …..”

Ysmay walked up and Amelia pulled her hand away. “Walter, we’re going to need to build a wall around the buildings. We need to prevent further attacks. Also, I need to speak with you and Emeline.”

“Buildings?” I asked. “There is only one building.”

“We’re going to need more space. There’s more people coming, I’m sure of it, and they will need a place to rest. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

I looked over at the structure and saw that they had almost finished building it. It wasn’t a very grand structure, but then there wasn’t much about this situation that was very grand.

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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:13 am

Ysmay stood in front of Emeline and I, her eyes looking out from behind that creepy wooden mask that she still insisted on wearing. Ysmay decided that the froggie threat to our camp needed to be ended. Since Emeline had spent much of her time hunting the froggies and knew the jungle better then most of us, she would lead those that had been training into the jungle to kill all the froggies they could find. She offered to go alone since it would be more enjoyable to stalk the froggies and sneak up on them to drive her spear through their black hearts, but Ysmay insisted she take the others so it would go quicker. I would guard the camp while they were out hunting. Everyone who wasn’t involved in hunting the froggies was going to continue gathering logs from the jungle and a wall was to be erected around the camp.

Emeline and I turned to join the rest of the group which had gathered back in camp and was sitting around the fire eating. Ysmay stayed behind looking off into the jungle.

There was an excitement among everyone that hadn’t been present before tonight. Earlier this afternoon, everyone had put the finishing touches on the bamboo hut that they had been building. Anathas and Fendril had even built beds for it. For the first time since we had been out here, we wouldn’t be sleeping on the ground. With all the terrible things that had been going on lately in our lives, it gave everyone hope that things could be better.

The next morning, Emeline lead the hunting party out in to the jungle. Auldaeil, Forthwind and Althalos went with them. One of our new comers, Mirabelle, was sitting up in the tower while everyone busied themselves. I sat at a table near the kitchen area talking with Amelia and Beatrix while they were cooking. Despite having come from the same village and knowing each other a little before coming here, Beatrix and I hadn’t really talked much. We started talking about life in our village, but then we both got a little sad knowing that the village had been destroyed by the froggies. Knowing that Hadron was out with Emeline getting revenge against the froggies did make us feel a little better. But we would have both preferred to have a home to go back to rather then be building log and bamboo huts in the woods.

“Hello there,” a voice called out from the jungle. I looked out and saw another merchant had come to our camp. I looked up at Mirabelle to see why she hadn’t said anything about the stranger approaching camp and saw that she appeared to be sleeping.

“Beatrix, go wake up Mirabelle while I talk with this guy.” I turned to the merchant who was spreading his wares out under the covered area that we used for a hospital. “Welcome friend. I am Walter. What can I do for you?”

“Hello Walter. I’m an arms dealer and you look like you could use something a little more sturdy then that wooden armor you are wearing.” He showed me an iron breastplate that looked like it would be about my size, as well as a few iron swords. While I looked over what he was offering, he looked around the camp a bit. “So the rumors appear to be true. I’d heard that there was a pretty sizable camp out here of survivors from all the recent raiding and figured I’d come see for myself. Figured if it was true, you’d be in the market for some weapons.”

“Well I’m glad you came out. We’ve just got these spears and wooden armor. We haven’t much money, but we’d be willing to trade for some of your swords and armor.” He accepted an offer of some of our extra wooden armor and spears in trade for the iron items. Apparently, he liked to keep a stock for all budgets and was out of the low end stuff. I wished that we would have had the swords before the hunting party had left this morning, but figured they’d be happy to have them when they got back.

It was then that Beatrix called down to me from the tower where she gone to wake up Mirabelle. “Walter, there’s something approaching from beyond the trees. I can’t quite tell but it looks like green blobs moving through the trees.”

Great. Just great. Anyone who wasn’t a cook or a builder was off hunting froggies leaving just me while some odd green blob was coming towards the camp. I grabbed one of our newly purchased iron swords and set off in the direction that Beatrix had directed me. I heard a weird squishing sound coming from the jungle ahead of me but couldn’t see anything out of place. I then heard a scream from up ahead. I started running towards the sounds unsure of what I might find. As I entered a clearing I saw ahead of me two people being chased by some green slimes and some giant spiders. They saw me and turned to run in my direction. I gripped the sword and ran to help them.

“Help us!” one of them yelled just as the slimes overtook them both. I charged ahead slashing with my sword and wishing I had put on some of the iron armor before running out here. I lept in front of the two to guard them from their attackers. I hacked at the nearest slime. I was amazed out how easily my sword just seemed to entered into it and met almost no resistance as I slashed through it. Each slash seemed to cause the slime to decrease in size and volume.

As I was focused on the slime one of the giant spiders lunged at me with it’s hairy legs and giant mandibles. I felt it’s sharp claw strike me in the side leaving a deep gash. I turned to face it and slashed through one of it’s legs. Dark bluish spider’s blood sprayed out of the wound and the creature backed up on it’s remaining 7 legs. Another spider moved forward to take it’s place. I stepped back and my foot slipped in the slime that was covering the ground. I tried to regain my footing by tripped over the body of one of those I was trying to rescue. The spider took advantage of my misstep and jumped on me. I waved my sword to try and push it off but it kept coming. I looked around and saw only slimes and spider legs. I could only hear screams and the sounds of the spiders attacking. The world went dark as the spiders continued to claw and chew at me.
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Re: A temple in the jungle

Postby Chrisb78 » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:14 am

It was dark. I was aware of a throbbing pain over my entire body. I felt a warmth on my hand. I heard a soft humming that seemed to be coming from nearby. Where was I? The last thing I remembered was the spiders attacking me. Was I dead?
The nearby humming seemed to be to a tune. It was someone humming a song. I slowly opened my eyes and saw logs above me. I looked down at my hand and saw the source of the warmth was another hand holding mine. I followed the arm of that hand to the source of the humming. It was Amelia. She was sitting next to me with her eyes closed.

“Ahh, I see you are finally awake,” said another voice. I turned and saw Ysmay standing nearby. “You gave us quite the scare.”

Amelia startled, looked at me and smiled. “Walter, I was so worried about you. If Auldaeil hadn’t of been tracking the slimes and spiders through the jungle and found you in time… No Walter, you’re too badly hurt.” She said when she saw me trying to sit up.

Over the next few days, Ysmay with the help of others in the camp, mostly Amelia, brought me back from the almost dead state that I was in. Apparently I had been unconsious for about three days, and it had been a busy few days for the others in the camp. I was told how Auldael, Forthwind, and Althalos came upon me in the clearing and took care of the spiders and slimes. They were too late to save the two people who I had tried to rescue. Not too far away, they had also found two more bodies that had been covered in the strange green slime. As it turns out, these people were likely refuges from another town that had fallen to the goblin hordes. We had seven new people living with us that had told of us of the goblins leaving a trail of destruction and misery. On the bright side, the froggies had been cleansed from the area, along with a brownie village just on the other side of the river. Two more barbarians had joined up as well. Between the spiders and the stories of goblins, everyone was motivated to put a wall up around the camp. A new bamboo hut had even been built to accomidate our growing numbers. Some of the refuges had brought tools with them, so we finally managed to scrape together a real work area with carpentry and stone working tools. So all in all, our camp had been pretty productive while I was out of commission.


I was still in pain and Ysmay suggested I stay in bed for a few more days. Amelia came to visit several times throughout the day. After one of her visits, Ysmay came over to look at my bandages and examine my progress. I was greatful for her help, but wished that she would take off that wooden mask.

“I believe she is quite taken with you,” Ysmay offered. I began to respond but she put her finger to her lips to signal that I shouldn’t speak. “It’s not surprising really. The night we were captured, it was you who fought the froggies after Rowen was killed. For much of the time while we were in the jungle it is you who stood watch over all of us with your spear to protect us all. You are her hero. And let’s remember, for the first several days it was several women in the jungle with you as the only male. I imagine to many of the women out here, you are their hero.” She paused thoughfully.

“I’m not a hero.”

“Oh but Walter, you are. To all of us you are a hero. You may not be much of a warrior,” the truth of her words stung a little,” but you are a hero. Even though we have real warriors here with us, it’s you that everyone respects and looks up to as a leader. And that is how we will get everyone to follow us.”

“Ysmay, I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You will Walter. We will do more then just survive out here. We will prosper so that we may honor the gods who spared us.” Ysmay had a weird gleam in her eyes as she spoke. She reached down and touched my chest where the spiders had clawed me. She closed her eyes and I felt a tingling sensation where she touched me.

Ysmay unwrapped the bandage covering my chest where she had touched me. When the bandage was removed, I saw that I was completely healed in that area and the pain was gone. “The gods demand tribute in return for their gifts.”
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Re: A temple in the jungle

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I was able to walk around the camp by that evening, which was good because I wanted to get away from Ysmay. While I was thankful for her ability to heal me, I wasn’t sure what I thought about the rest of her at this point. Since the camp now had a wall built around it, a watch tower, and several real warriors roaming around, maybe it was time to think about leaving to find a new village to live in and start a new life. I planned to bring it up again tonight while everyone was around the campfire. If no one wanted to come with me, so be it, but I was ready to get out of this jungle.

While I was looking around the camp and seeing all the progress that had taken place while I was on my death bed, Althalos approached me. “Walter, I must speak with you. Do you know the truth of the one you call Ysmay?”

“I only know what she has told me.” I actually knew from experience a little bit more then what she had told me, since she made my wounds disappear just by touching them, but for some reason I felt it unwise to reveal that to the barbarian.

“Walter, I come to you, because many here view you as a leader in this place. When I first came here, I told you it was to seek out a treasure. That was not entirely true. The Oracle whom I serve had a vision that one who was on a journey to the North to be presented would be waylaid on her journey and so sent me to escort her the remaining way. You of course know that I am talking about Ysmay.”

“Why are you waiting till now to reveal your purpose?” I wondered outloud.

“I was not entirely sure that Ysmay was who I was seeking. It was not until today that she revealed her power. When she touched you and your wound healed by her magic that I knew she was whom the Oracle had sent me to retrieve.”

“I do not think that she will go with you. She seems commited to staying here. Earlier she told me that we were in the jungle to honor the gods.”

“She brings no honor to the gods by denying her service to the Oracle. Also, there is something else you should know. She… We will talk more later,” He stopped speaking and looked up. Forthwind had appeared seemingly out of no where.

“Hello good sirs,” he said with a bow, “ are we speaking of treasure and adventure?”

“We are not,” said Althalos as he walked off.

“I wonder what upset him,” said the rogue. “perhaps he knows of treasures and does not want to share. Anyway, the girl up in the tower spotted a group approaching from afar. Emeline and Auldaeil went to investigate. I thought that I would tell you in case you wanted to organize a defense for the camp. Should danger be approaching, you can of course count on my sword.”

I still hadn’t recovered fully from my the last fight. I followed Forthwind to the entrance in the wall and found most of the others were already there, with their weapons at the ready. We waited, looking off into the jungle to see what was approaching.
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