Website password (BMT Micro buyers)

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Website password (BMT Micro buyers)

Postby supermalparit » Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:53 pm

Since last saturday (january 28th 2012) we have stopped using Paypal in order to use BMT Micro.
From now on, whenever you purchase a game from our website, the user will be redirected to BMT Micro, and once purchased, they will be able to download the game from their website.
BMT Micro will also give the user a password in order to be able to download the game from them in the future.
It is highly important you save the e-mail provided by BMT as it provides the link which through you will be able to redownload the game / new patches in the future.

So, from now on no new users will be created in our site.

To make things as clearly as possible:

To get the new builds people who bought the game through BMT will have to go to the email BMT sent them initially and download the game again. Only this way it will be the updated version.

If you lost the email or your BMT password was locked, please send us an email to this address: support (at)
And don't forget to told us the full name used when you bought the game or the email used there.

Kind regards
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