[14e] Custom Fixes

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[14e] Custom Fixes

Postby Charlatan » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:46 am


Status: [Coming Soon !] => Awaiting Permissions and Digging out files from my old HDD at the moment.
Download Link: Coming Soon, see above

i've always used a mod for myself including custom fixes for Towns. Considering Terraforming and similar things, I don't think any of these changes make the game effectively easier or allow you to cheat, but make things more convenient and authentic.

Suggestions etc. are welcome, and when I find more things to change I will update this.

- Sounds -

- Replaced Eat sound effect with a more subtle one sounding less like chewing on a window
- Replaced Sunrise sound effect with a more pleasant one, a breeze and birds chirping
- Replaced Nightfall sound effect with a more pleasant one, a light wind and a wolf howling
- Muted Creature Death sound effect

- Building -
Thoughts: Many convenient options seem to be missing while others are unnecessarily complicated: Some stairs/ladders still rotate into a mess, and to create bonsai, hedges and garden decorations solely from young grown trees seems extremely complicated and wasteful. It is much easier and common to use scions - which would be gained in excessive abundance when cutting trees into logs.

Wooden Ladder - Can now be rotated manually
Raised Floors - Can no longer climb through it
Garden Decorations - Replaced all Bush material requirements with Wood.

- Crafting -
Thoughts: Only minor things here to make things convenient.

Colors - Can now be mixed (For example 1x Yellow + 1x Red = 2x Orange)

- Food-
Thoughts: Only some kinds of meat are unhealthy when eaten raw, namely poultry and pork. It is perfectly healthy to eat raw fish, raw beef or raw deer.

Raw Fish - Changed Description, Removed Sickness
Raw Beef - Changed Description, Removed Sickness
Raw Snout - Changed Description, Removed Sickness

- Planting -
Thoughts: Many plants and trees were illogically dependent on their climate, I changed them to closer match authentic nature. I also added some cosmetic changes that will especially make trees blend better with the town. Others, like the necessity to gather bushes and brutalize the whole map's ecological system, just made no sense. As stated before, using scions makes more sense and is easier.

All Trees: Once the seed has grown into a Bush, the humus can be un-tilled back to normal ground. The tree will grow and re-grow normally and look more natural. (Towns++ only: Planted Trees still only spread to Humus on their own, otherwise you'd have a crazy wild growth on your hand)

All Trees: Replaced all Bush requirements with Wood. May change to 2x Wood.

Normal Tree - Can now be planted in jungles.
Pine Tree - Unchanged
Jungle Tree - Can now be planted in grasslands.
Palm Tree - Can now be planted in jungles and sand.
Apple Tree - Unchanged
Pear Tree - Unchanged
Banana Tree - Can now be planted in grasslands.
Snow Cherry Tree - Can now be planted in grasslands.
Cave Mushroom - Can now be planted in "dirt" Blocks - which basically is the earth in underground areas / caves.
Bamboo - Can now be planted in grasslands
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