School or Homeschool?

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Re: School or Homeschool?

Postby Kleko » Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:00 pm

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Re: School or Homeschool?

Postby robertj » Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:58 am

I'm not against home-schooling.


I used to be against home-schooling. And then I saw the results. Homeschooled children, at least the ones I came into contact with, received higher grades than school-going children as a whole. The difference is stark, and the effects are prolonged. There are variances between individuals, but from the small sample that I have seen, they test well above school-going children as a group.

In my opinion, much of the effects are due to self-selection bias. The parents whom I have talked to tend to be educated professionals, and the decision to home-school their children required a conscious and deliberate decision to invest the time and effort into their children's education.

When queried about their children's social skills, one parent's reply stuck:

My daughter takes fencing, swimming, ballet, violin, piano, and gymnastics lessons. She volunteers at church and at a soup kitchen on weekends. She meets her friends regularly, and they share the same interests. What would she gain from having friends whose only virtue is that they were assigned to the same school?

I have to say, she had a point.

Whatever the cause, the results are clear.
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